podcast episode 1 with brendan O se

Brendan O Se is a multi-award-winning fine art street photographer and mobile photographer from Cork, Ireland.

In the past, Brendan has won First Place – Photographer of the Year in the iPhone Photography Awards. He has twice been a first-place category winner in the Mobile Photography Awards and the Mira Mobile Photography Prize.

Brendan was part of the original Apple World Gallery of images shot on iPhone 6 in 2015. His photograph was showcased on billboards and posters in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Bangalore, Seoul, Tokyo, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Boston, Milan, Singapore, Sydney and many more throughout the world.

Brendan regularly hosts mobile photography workshops in Dublin and Cork. Before Covid, he could be found delivering workshops and talks in many locations worldwide, in places such as Scotland, London, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, and Hong Kong, to name but a few. However, thanks to Covid, these workshops have all gone online like many things these days.

In this interview, Brendan talks about his approach to street photography, how covid restrictions have affected his photography. Also, he offers some seasoned advice on what it takes to win a photography competition.

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To find out more about Brendan visit his website www.brendanose.com or find him on Instagram at @brendan.o.se

Mobiography Magazine: www.mobiography.net/mag/

Mobiography Awards: www.mobiography.net/awards/

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Brendan’s Images

Smartphone Street Photography with Brendan O Se 1

Smartphone Street Photography with Brendan O Se 2

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