At the end of last year, I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the book ‘Art of iPhone Photography’ as an early Christmas present. I have been very impressed by the book which now sits proudly on my book shelf and provides an excellent source of inspiration and ideas.

‘Art of iPhone Photography’ was published in August 2013 by Bob Weil and Nicki Fitz-Gerald, who run the popular website and provides a superb resource of step by step tutorial guides for those looking to develop their iPhone photography skills and technique no matter what skill level.

Art of iphone photography book review

What is in the book?

Readers will find the book containing over 300 pages of comprehensive tutorial style guides from 45 leading names from the iPhone photography community. Contributing photographers and artists include the likes of Jack Hollingsworth, Paula Gardener, Shel Serkin, JQ Gaines, Lola Mitchell, Karen Divine, Robert Herold and many more besides.

The book benefits from this extensive range of photographic talent and experience, all of whom have been producing stunning work for many years. I found this group format approach to offer a variety of viewpoints, outlooks and approaches to iPhone photography that provided a well rounded view of the subject and it’s many facets.


The book is split into two parts. Part one focuses on photography while part two looks at illustration and fine art. Each of these sections are divided into different sub categories which cover different photographic styles such as people and portraiture photography, street photography, surrealism, abstract, landscape, still life and more.

Each section is broken down into an easy to read and follow format with each photographer taking you step by step through their creative production process. Paula Gardener and Jack Hollingsworth kick off the book by covering people and portraiture photography. They are well-known names and carry a lot of experience in their photographic field. They help set the scene for the rest of the book which doesn’t fail to deliver anything less than the standard set by the opening artists.

Each section also begins by telling you what you’ll learn from the tutorial, the apps and tools you’ll need and a little background story to the photograph in question. The section then launches into a beautifully illustrated step by step guide on how the image was created. Each featured photographer is profiled at the end of each section which offers an insight into them and their favourite apps.


Easy to follow, easy to read

I love the relaxed nature and tone that the book has. It is extremely informative with contributing photographers covering topics and techniques surrounding essentials like lighting, composition, retouching, colour correcting, textures and framing.

I think anyone with an enthusiastic interest in developing their iPhone photography, be they beginner or a more advanced iphoneographer, will find this book well worth investing in. The book is beautifully presented in a landscape format; with a glossy cover emblazoned with Nicki Fitz-Gerald’s photo ‘Flamin Amy’. The inner pages are easy to read, well laid out and are supported by helpful screenshots from each stage of the production process.

Is it worth it?

I’m glad to say the field of iPhone photography is growing and evolving and is gradually becoming more widely recognised as a legitimate form of photography. Essentially, ‘The Art of iPhone Photography’ provides an excellent resource for those wishing to explore and develop their iPhone photography as well as offering a superb point of reference and inspiration for those looking to try something new.

As I say, the book draws on the many years of experience from those featured within it. It is well laid out and put together. It is easy to read and brings together a wide range of photographic styles from both traditional photography to more art based photography. I honestly cannot find a negative with this book.

Where to buy the book

‘The Art of iPhone Photography’ is available on Amazon priced at about $44.95 but you can find it cheaper as there are many offers available. The book is available in either paperback or in kindle format.