More Than Just A Snapshot: Albion Harrison-Naish


Due to the nature of social networking, the single image is increasingly becoming the norm for photo websites and users’ showcases, rather than a full series of work or ‘project’.

The ability to catch a moment on your mobile phone and instantly upload to a photo-sharing site demonstrates the way mobile photography can be a very powerful tool in areas such as photojournalism. However, this ‘instantaneous’ culture can lead to the need to upload photos on a constant, and sometimes daily, basis meaning the storytelling of a narrative sequence of images is lost.

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While there are many photography showcases built around a single image, this feature aims to showcase a story built around the photographer and their subject.

Albion Harrison-Naish – Bondi in Winter

Still Cool by Albion Harrison-Naish

I’ve lived in Bondi since I was six years old, so over 30 years now. It’s home. In the almost two years I’ve been photographing, I had come to realise earlier this year that except for a few small examples I had largely avoided pursuing street photography in Bondi, and had shied away from sharing online those photos that I had taken. This led me to start taking a few more of them, but I was still finding it hard to post them. It was slightly troubling in that way that sits in the back of your head bubbling away. I wondered why I might be feeling hesitant in this manner, especially as almost all my photos are taken in the areas I can pass through during my normal day to day activities.

I came to realise that in part I was worried that the shots I took would not interest others as much as they did me, Bondi being somewhere I know so intimately and have a great affection for. But also, I wanted the Bondi that was my home, for all these years, to be what I was focusing on, not the tourist spot of beachgoers and bright young things out for a good time in the water and on the sand. The ever present hedonism, however fun to capture on occasion, was not what interested me. As winter was coming I decided to take shots on my local walks with an eye to putting together a series in late winter that showed the friendly, suburban Bondi that I knew. The Bondi that was beautiful despite the ugliness of much of its built environment. To show the village atmosphere that exists here.

I wanted to be able to be a part of the scenery and not a point of focus in my own right, to capture images casually as I wandered around whilst other people wandered about their business. To this end I found using my mobile to be perfect, due mostly to its discretion and ability to capture the casual intimacy of daily life I wanted to communicate. Although a camera is largely ignored if you are near the beach front, I’ve found that further back from there, a camera tends to garner attention even if not raised or in use.

I hope I have to some degree shared a part and aspect of my home that isn’t usually seen in the shots of beach vistas, local ‘characters’ and beautiful young things hanging about in not much.

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  • Thank you Andy and Mark for this, it is a series that means a lot to me and I appreciate the opportunity to share it here. Cheers guys!

    • Mark T Simmons

      Thanks for allowing me to feature this excellent series of images, to see an area as only a local can. A wonderful set, mate and some of your finest work.

  • You present a vision of where you live that allows us to see why it is home for you. The images may not be in colour, but still there is a vividness which allows us to imagine the scene in colour.

    One of my finds on FLickr this year has been to find your stream. Thanks for sharing – thanks for inspiring.

    • Mate, big thanks, those are some very kind and lovely words you’ve popped down there. I really appreciate it and have hugely enjoyed coming across your work too mate. Always nice to find some mutual inspiration! 😉

  • I agree with you 110 % . Nice pictures Albion.

    • Thanks heaps Pedro, much appreciated mate.

  • Liz Traynor

    I love the way you see your world Albion. Your generosity of spirit shines through in every image. A class act indeed!! Fantastic article and inspiring photography. Big congratulations my friend. 🙂

    • Gee, thanks heaps love. Your generosity of spirit shines through in anything I’ve ever seen you post or write. A pleasure to share parts of this journey with you. Cheers! ;-P

  • Wow! Went through all the links here and then your blog on Tumblr. Incredible shots! And, love how you choose B&W as your presentation format. All fantastic shots.

    Can I ask, do you Hipstamatic’s B&W rolls for most all of your shots? What rolls and lens do you prefer? Or, is there another app that you use for capture and then do the B&W conversion in another? If there is, what is it? I’m doing a review of the better photo apps out there and how people can get into photography now that most everyone has a high-quality camera on them at all times — and, how they can go from capture to post to completion totally in-phone! Amazing what can be done now and amazingly creative people like you show what can be done.

    All the best, Brother!

    • G’day Dave, Thanks so much for those really lovely words, I appreciate it mate. So sorry to only come across this now and I realise you are unlikely to see this, but here goes…

      In a nutshell, I almost never do any editing at all. One of the things I like about the hipsta is that you don’t need to really. But when I do edit, it is mostly on the phone. But all those sorts of deatils are in the tags on each shot on flickr. Anyhoo, thanks again mate.