Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of possible questions you may have about the Mobioigraphy Awards and how to enter along we the terms and conditions. If you have any further questions email [email protected]

How do I enter?

Entry is available to all photographers and artists everywhere in the world unless prohibited by local laws.

To enter the Mobiography Awards, simply go to the competition entry portal.

Before you can submit your photos to the Mobiography Awards, you first need to purchase photo credits. To do this, select how many photos you wish to enter, then click on Checkout.

Next, you need to either register your details to create an account.

Once you have registered/logged in to your account you will need to complete the photo credits purchase.

Once complete return to the ‘Enter‘ page.

When there are photo credits available in your account, the entry form will appear on the submissions page

. All you need to do next is:

  1. Select the most appropriate category for your photo.
  2. Select your photo using the Select File button (accepted file formats must be either JPEG or PNG). Maximum file size: 15mb.
  3. Complete the entry form with all your details and accept the terms and conditions
  4. Click the Enter button to submit your entry

To submit your photos, select the most appropriate category from the category drop down menu. You can submit photos to one of seven categories:

  • Street Photography, Architecture & the Urban Environment
  • Landscape & Nature
  • People & Portraits
  • Abstract & Digital Art
  • Black & White
  • Travel/A Sense of Place
  • Photowalk Day ‘The World Around You’.

Next complete the submission form details, then click the Select button and find the photo file that you wish to submit.

Finally, click the Enter button to upload your submission to the awards.

Who can enter?

Entries are open to photographers worldwide using an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet.

Are judges allowed to enter images in the competition?


How much does it cost to enter the awards?

When you enter, you will be asked to pay in US currency. Do not worry, the payment system will automatically calculate the currency exchange for you.

The entry fees are as follows: 

  • $10 – 1 photo
  • $25 – 3 photos
  • $35 – up to 5 photos
  • $50 – up to 10 photos
  • $75 – up to 15 photos
  • $100 – up to 20 photos
  • $150 – up to 30 photos

How do I pay for entries? Is my financial information secure?

All payments are taken via credit/debit card using Stripe’s secure and encrypted system. Mobiography does not hold or maintain any of your financial information at any time whatsoever. 

What size should photos be?

We advise that you enter your images as hi-res files without excessive compression. Images must be a minimum of 1000 pixels wide and no larger in file size than 20mb.

When is the final date for entering competition?

The competition closes on Sunday 2nd June 2024 at 23.59. 

When will I know when the final images have been chosen?

We will notify award winners by email. Winners and honourable mentions will also be announced on the Mobiography website on or around 19th August 2024.

Is it only photographs shot and edited on mobile devices?

Yes. We only accept photographs shot on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and the iPod touch. Photographs taken using a DSLR camera are not allowed and will be disqualified.

Images that have been created using AI platforms such as Midjourney, Dalle or similar will also be disqualified.

Can I edit my photographs on a desktop editing application such as Lightroom or Photoshop?

No. All entries must be edited on mobile devices.

You can use a desktop computer to change your photograph’s title and, of course, you can use your desktop computer to submit your entries to the competition, but they must not be edited on a desktop computer.

Are there restrictions on when a photo was taken?

No, there are no time-based restrictions for when a photo was taken.

How will I know if my entries have been submitted?

Once payment has been taken successfully, you will receive a confirmation email about receipt of payment.  

You will also be able to see your entered photos in your account dashboard as well as how many photo credits you have available.

Do I have to submit all of my images at once?

No. You may submit your images whenever you like anytime during the submission period. All images must be submitted before the closing date though.

When I submit my photos, do they remain my property?

Yes. The photographer has 100% of copyright.

How does the judging work?

Once the competition entry period is complete, our jury will review all entries anonymously (without entrants’ names). Each category will go through several rounds of judging to narrow down the final contenders. Then as a group, judges they will select the winning images for each category and those which merit an honourable mention. Then a shortlist of nominations for the Mobiography Photography of the Year will be made and from that, the overall winner will be selected upon agreement of all jury members.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the Mobiography Awards?

For more information about the competition rules and the terms and conditions, please see the terms and conditions page.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

If you still have questions that haven’t been answered here, please email [email protected]

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