The latest issue of the Mobiography Magazine has just been release onto the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once again, I’ve been working hard to bring together some of the best tips, insights and sources of inspiration from the mobile photography world.

What’s inside this festive issue of Mobiography?

mobiography magazine issue 41Inside, we start off by talking to another two very talented smartphone photographers – Dina Alfasi and Joel Worthington.

Dina is well-known for the high-quality candid portraits that she takes whilst on her daily commute to work. Here, she discusses her approach to her portraits and composition, and what photography means to her. Meanwhile, Joel tells us about his urban, street-inspired landscapes and his approach to using light and shadow to create his stunning images.

Once again, the December issue wouldn’t be the same without our usual look at some of this year’s latest smartphone photography accessory gift ideas. We also take a closer look at different printing options and see what their pros and cons are. Staying on the subject of printing, we review the Lifeprint instant printer and find out how this cool, handheld, portable printer is using augmented reality to add another dimension to our photos.

On the app front, Rob Dunsford shows us how to create a wonderful, miniaturizing tilt-shift effect using the Snapseed app. Meanwhile, Nicki Fitz-Gerald shows us how to use a collection of photo editing apps to create a winter inspired mobile art creation.

Finally, Gavin Lenaghan looks back at this year’s smartphone releases and asks what technological developments we can expect in smartphone photography in 2019.

There is also the usual gallery showcase and featured Instagrammers section for those looking for some more examples of inspiration.

Grab your copy now

In order to access Mobiography Magazine, head over to the Apple App Store and Google Play and install the app. Single issues are available for $4.99 or you can subscribe to the bi-monthly subscription plan for $3.99 and make a 20% saving or an annual subscription for $21.99, a saving of 26%. There is currently a FREE Trial subscription offer available. Google Play subscriptions are monthly at a cost of $1.99.

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