The latest issue of the Mobiography Magazine has just been release onto the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once again, I’ve been working hard to bring together some of the best tips, insights and sources of inspiration from the mobile photography world.

What’s inside the summer issue of Mobiography?

Mobiography Magazine Issue 40Inside the latest issue, we start off by talking to two talented mobile photographers, Jo Bradford and Jill Lian. Both photographers have developed their own unique style and built a loyal following by simply photographing what is around them. Jo lives on the rugged moors of Devon in the UK and is known for the dramatic and moody landscapes that surround her home. Meanwhile, Jill Lian has specialized in capturing the tiny world at her feet by shooting her amazing, abstract, macro photography.

Inside this latest issue of Mobiography Magazine, we also take a look at this year’s much-anticipated new phone release, the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. We check out the capabilities of the camera to see if this is a cutting-edge upgrade or merely a redesign of the existing iPhone X and whether it’s worth the investment.

Looking for some creative inspiration? Rob Dunsford looks at different ways you can get more creative with your photography. Meanwhile, Nicki Fitz-Gerald offers another creative look at the capabilities of the iColorama app and walks us step-by-step through the creation of an urban portrait that includes text.

Grab your copy now

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