Mobiography Awards 2021: Street & Urban

Street & Urban Category Winner

Street & Urban Category Winner

Vacant Vacation

By Laurence Bouchard

Judges Comments About ‘Vacant Vacation’

“Visually, this image stops you in your tracks. The graphic elements and lone human element interplay to arouse curiosity as to who this character is and where he is and where’s he’s going to. Then you stop and curiosity is sparked as to where the photographer is to be able capture this dynamic scene. The use of black and white, and negative space has been expertly used to frame the subject beautifully.”

Brendan O Sé

Honorable Mentions

Barber Barber

By Elaine Taylor

Brisbanality 2

By Glenn Homann


By Kimberley Wallis

City of Woman

By Beata Smutek

Cloud People

By Ileana Montaño

Cocktails for Two

By Renee Clark

Covered bridge

By Lloyd Fox

Doctors With Borders

By Michelle Simmons

Find Your Stride

By Arpita Upadhyaya

Gimme Shelter

By Andrew Gimblett

I’ll cross that bridge

By Mal McCann

Lisbon Fog

By Maarten Slock

Running on Empty

By Laurence Bouchard

Living Dangerously

By Isabel Lopez

Loneliness in Times of COVID

By Luis Rodríguez

Man at Work

By Hisham Khonji

Morning Cloud Bangsar

By Zarina Ibrahim


By Hishan Mansoor


By Charles Read

Steppin’ Out of the Shadows

By Laurence Bouchard


By Mal McCann

Midday break of the contracted workers at the back of a truck

By Arash Akbari Sene

The Guardian Of Taj

By Rahul Machigar

The Jumper

By Himanshu Roy

Tree Of Life

By Emma Wright


By Valentina Giunchi

Urban Dream

By Samuel Okocha

Urban space

By Dominika Koszowska

Watching Waiting

By Rosie Karel

Who Goes There

By Emma Wright


By Glenn Homann

Young Love in Havana

By Penni James

Dancing by the Creek

By Shriram Parameswaran