Mobiography Awards 2021: Landscape & Nature

Landscape & Nature Category Winner

Landscape & Nature Category Winner

At sunrise

By Dominika Koszowska

Judges Comments About ‘At Sunrise’

“I think this is such a simple and very effective photograph. I love the colour tones of the image and how the fisherman has been placed in a small gap in the branches of the tree. This helps to draw your eye into the images and towards the intended subject. You can really get a sense of the atmosphere that the photographer felt when taking the shot.”

Andy Butler

Honorable Mentions

A dead tree

By Harnaka Harto

Autumn Forest

By Mariko Klug

Bare Trace

By Charles Read

Beach Friends

By Ron Boger

Beautifully Imperfect

By Elaine Taylor


By Alessandra Manzotti

Captured Daisies

By Jill Lian

Dream Logic

By Scott Galloway

Dune du Pilat

By Gerry Coe

Encounter with Giants

By Arpita Upadhyaya


By Allyson Marie Ferri

Heather Majestical Sunrise

By Pascal Sweet

Hoar Frost

By Marta Spencer

Kozjak Lake

By Gordana Cavkoska


By Elisa Bond

Morning Mist

By Dominika Koszowska


By Isabel Lopez

Pondering The Positive

By Christian Horgan

Rodeo Seating

By Tom Brennan

Scottish Flamingoes

By Mirjam Klever


By Jen Walsh

Singing Rock

By Christian Horgan


By Charles Read

Snowfall, Saguaro National Park

By Joseph Cyr


By Alessandra Manzotti


By Glenn Homann

Stand Up

By Rob Layton

Sunrise Sunflower

By Marta Spencer

Swan Vista

By Mal McCann

To remember

By Joe LeGrand


By Maarten Slock

Up, Up And Away

By Emma Wright

Widgeon Creek

By Jamie Scoular