This week’s showcase of mobile photography form the Mobiography Flickr Group highlights 10 stunning images that use symmetrical compositions to create an even balance within the frame.

From the use of perspective lines and curves in Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak’s ‘Perspective and Reflections’ photograph to Brendan Ó Sé’s high contrast exploration of the reflections found in shop windows. This showcase highlights the fact that you don’t always have to follow the rule of thirds when composing your photographs in order to achieve amazing results.

Featured photographers include Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak, John Fullard, Brendan Ó Sé, Craig Poltock, Simson Petrol, Raffamuffin Vibes, Leon and Jormain Cady

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Perspective & Reflections

Photo by  Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak

Perspective & reflections‘ by Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak – “The photo depicts new built footbridge in Ustka/Poland.It was taken during a long ,sunny walk near seaside.The perspective refers to the relationship of imaged objects on this photo.Lines and shadows made by sunlight tie nature (beach and sea) with all what’s constructed by people.Contrast between footbridge and sky portrays many shades of grayness. Colour depth adds spatial dimension to a photo.

Apps used: PS Express (Looks: B&W, and Reduce Noice), iPhone 5”

“Gray day. Everything is gray. I watch. But nothing moves today…”

Photo by  Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak

“Gray day. Everything is gray. I watch. But nothing moves today…”‘ by Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak – “This picture presents a wooden bridge while I was going on a walk along the lakeside. The atmosphere in the image is a bit dark, full of melancholy and gloom. It appears to symbolize an autumn’s emptiness.

Apps used: Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset , iPhone 6”


Photo by John Fullard

Untitled‘ by John Fullard – “The picture was taken on my commute home from work on the 6 Train going from Harlem to the Bronx in NYC. This guy was standing opposite me as I entered the train and I liked his posture and the expression on his face. The image was shot with an iPhone 6 and processed using Lightroom.”

Trying to see

Photo by Brendan O Se

Trying to see‘ by Brendan Ó Sé – “I took this on a recent trip to Berlin. One of the long-term projects I am working on is a series of reflections. My photography maxim is: Trying to see what can be seen and how to see it. And for me, reflections offer a wonderful way to see things differently.

This image was made in one of the main shopping streets in Berlin. There was a TV screen in a shop window displaying an advertisement for female cosmetics. The beautiful model caught my attention and I liked how I also saw my reflection appear.

Aware of the old advice when setting up a frame, I paid attention to the borders of the composition and tried to construct symmetrically. Later I used Snapseed to convert to black and white and played a little with contrasts.”

Being the person you wanted me to be requires unascertained corrections

Photo by Brendan O Se

Being the person you wanted me to be requires unascertained corrections‘ by Brendan Ó Sé – “I like strong sunlight and I like shooting into it. It creates great contrast which looks good in black and white. This is another image from Berlin. It was early morning and I had been standing on the side of the street (and for a time in the centre of it) getting shots with both the iPhone and DSLR.

The large glass doors of the entrance to McDonalds provided a mirror image of the people passing. I used the wonderful 1-hour photo app to create this image. It is a throwback to the days when you shot with film and had to wait to see the image until the film was processed. 1-hour photo processing was bout the quickest turnaround available in the film days. This app tries to recreate that. You shoot and do not get to see the image immediately. One hour later a little notification pops up on your phone informing you that your images have been processed. All images are in black and white and besides being a fun app, the quality of the black and white is really nice.

The image is as it was from camera. I applied no further processing before posting it to Instagram and Flickr.”

Echoes from the past

Photo by  Craig Poltock

Echoes from the past‘ by Craig Poltock – “This image is made up of two images, one of a college corridor, the other of the girl walking away. I blended them together in superimpose and then edited using Snapseed and iColorama. I love producing these kind of shots, slightly surreal with a melancholy undertone. I reduced the opacity of the girl to create an impression of memory a time already past.”


Photo by  Simson Petrol

U1‘ by Simson Petrol – “I was on my way home from the office, when I noticed, that I was the only one in the train car. This is really unusual for rush hour in Berlin. So I immediately pulled my iphone out and took a picture (perfect chance for an empty train car image). I used VSCO and LookSee to get the purple cast with the washed out shadows and the popping yellows I was looking for.
It came out nice in my opinion!”

What’s happens, brothers

Photo by  Raffamuffin Vibes

What’s happens, brothers‘ by Raffamuffin Vibes – “I took this photo on the morning of the attacks in Paris. On television, I saw a video of a person who took over from the window of his house to escape the attackers and, of course, I was shocked. So when I saw this man who was looking out, I was reminded of that scene and I took the photo. I used my iPhone 5 with the native camera app. To give the impression that he was hidden, I made ??the picture darker, using VSCO. I edited the pic with VSCO, 1 preset. Before, I increased the sharpness to make the reflections of the building opposite more visible.”

Open Space 4

Photo by Leon

Open Space 4‘ by Leon – “This is a layered image and the base shot was taken at MoMa in NYC last year on a visit there. We came across this open space which had been roped off waiting for a new exhibition. I quickly got off a couple of shots as I really liked the view and knew I would use this image for something later.  The figure with the small dog was taken back home in New Zealand on the beach, the man was trying to entice his dog to cross the shallow stream but it wouldn’t budge one inch. I used Image Blender to layer this image onto the Open Space shot, it’s the 4th in a series. I’m currently working on a 5th with another figure and a small dog too. Shot with Bluxtouchpro, processed with Snapseed, Handyphoto, Image Blender and finished with TitleFX. ”


Photo by  Jormain Cady

Untitled‘ by Jormain Cady

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