The theme of this week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase looks at a series of fantastic iPhone photos of people taken on the street. Featured artists include Paolo Berni, sikander63, Shel Serkin, Grace Brignolle, Nicolas DECOOPMAN, Luisón, Elaine Taylor, Gerard Collett and William Reyes.

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Oxford Street Man

Photo by paolo Berni
Oxford Street Man‘ by Paolo Berni – “This is a pretty straight forward streetshot using the Pure Camera app which allows you to use the volume control of your earbuds as shutter release. It was later proscessed through Snapseed and then VSCOcam.”


photo by sikander63

versus‘ by sikander63 – “Everyday I need to take subway to go at work. The underground in general is a place for getting a lot of inspiration for my own mobile shots. If you see my feed you can get a confirmation. So, this particulat situation where I had in front of me this woman who was turned back and was blocking access to the subway exit.
Taken with iPhone 5S Hipstamatic Jane ctype-plate end edited with snapseed. ”

Munich, 2015

Photo by Gerry Collett

Munich, 2015‘ by Gerard Collett – “I was shocked by the clear perimeter of space around them, despite the fact that the trams stopped directly in front of where they were seated, people waiting for the next train were happier to wait at a safer distance. I took only a few photographs and did not loiter whilst photographing. I wanted to capture and present their vulnerability and not exploit it. I thought it important to post this image as I wanted to convey what I felt at the time: that these men were slowly dying from their alcohol consumption and in broad daylight. It is hopefully this and not the men themselves that disturbs the viewer.

I processed it using Snapseed. They were in deep shadow so I had to a fair bit of work to bring out detail. As always, with my monochrome conversions I try to emulate film without over cooking contrast or exaggerating the dynamic range.”


Photo by Elaine Taylor

Charlie‘ by Elaine Taylor – “My family and I were travelling to see friends in London for the weekend. We decided to travel by train for a change. Charlie spent a fair bit of time gazing out of the window once the novelty of his ipad had worn off. I had intended to take a photo of him doing just that but as I was getting my iphone ready he turned to look at me. I asked him to hold his gaze and took a couple of quick shots with the Tintype app (which I’d only recently downloaded) before he had too much time to think about what I was doing. I was surprised and happy that he had held his gaze long enough.

I edited the image in Tintype (reduced the grain and border) before saving it, then did a little tweaking in Snapseed.”


Photo by Shel Serkin

Copland‘ by Shel Serkin


Phot by Shel Serkin

Geoffrey‘ by Shel Serkin

Meeting friends. Bus Bash 2015

Photo by Grace Brignolle

Meeting friends. Bus Bash 2015‘ by Grace Brignolle

Juin 2015

Photo by Nicolas DECOOPMAN

Juin 2015‘ by Nicolas DECOOPMAN

The seaman

Photo by luison

The seaman‘ by Luisón


Photo by William Reyes

image‘ by William Reyes

Which was your favourite?

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