Each week I will be asking a mobile photographer to choose the one image of theirs that they are most proud of. It does not have to be their best, or the one that has received the most recognition, just the one image that they are more emotionally connected with than any other.

This week’s artist is Sacha Dohmen

I first came across Sacha’s work after seeing his image “I think I Smell A Rat“. The timeless quality of the shot reminded me of an album cover by The Smiths. Upon closer inspection of his work, I found an artist who was able to combine, perfectly, street and candid photography with an almost antique style of processing.

He is a master of working his images to focus the viewer’s attention on the subject. There is never any dead space in this work. My personal favourite is “The Untouchables“, where for me he has turned an anorak-wearing businessman into an ‘old school’ gangster, a 70’s cliché Italian, or even a French detective.

It’s very rare you find someone who brings their own unique take on street photography, but that is what Sacha has done with his work. I hope you will enjoy following his work and this quite remarkable story as much as I do.

The Photo I Am Most Proud Of: Sacha Dohmen

It´s Coming Down by Sacha Dohmen

It´s Coming Down by Sacha Dohmen

Street portraiture, that´s what I do since I read an article about Bruce Gilden. I never think when I shoot, I’m a walker and my camera is just there when I’m walking. I pay attention to the people and situation around me. I capture a fraction of life and then build my own storyboard for this person. All I need is a street and my camera to make something extraordinary out of the banal, to create a social drama, to awake emotions.

For me, my motivation to document life and take street shots is to capture the complexity of life on the streets, to capture and awake emotions. Photography is all about emotions.

My favorite picture is definitively “It´s Coming Down”, a simple street portrait. I always want to take pictures that stimulate the imagination of the viewer and I´m not really a fan of a picture saying, “this is what it is”. I think this works very well in this picture.

The story of this picture is really simple. Nonscheduled I take the bus to Aachen, the next town near my village. When I get off of the bus, I start directly to shoot. After two minutes, I realize that I forgot my bag in the bus. Damn, my IPad, my papers, my money, my keys… A non-stop one kilometer sprint to the central station, but the bus was gone. After a lot of discussion and phone calls, a driver told me my bag was found and that I should wait until the bus come back. Always worry if everything was still in it, I was there when this woman came studying the timetable. I knew immediately this is my picture of the day.

Back home after three hours, I upload the picture with the Photo Transfer App to my IPad for the treatment. My first thought was that the woman looks like I felt. So I tried to reinforce this mood with the right treatment. The original shot was made with Hipstamatic, I blurred out the background with BlurFX, Lo-Mob, PhotoCopier and Image Blender for the b&w treatment then Snapseed for the selective adjust tools and the light. Last I use Kamera Awesome for a little bit of scratches.

In the following weeks this one was featured here on Mobiography, in the 1000 Words Showcase on Wearejuxt, in the Flickr Group Showcase on the App Whisperer and on the Mortal Muses Mobile Mosaic. It´s a winner in the Mobitog Mobimono Contest and a few on Flickr.

For me, my most emotional picture. This is also the reason I dedicated it Meri Walker, a really talented iphoneographer and very good friend from the mobile community.

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