The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography is passing time. This theme can encompass things such as passing the time of day, observing people as they go about their daily business or people deep in thought. For example, Rob Pearson-Wright’s shot of a Tokyo commuter deep in thought, or Duncan Powell’s shot of a silhouetted cyclist passing by to Ervin Vice’s seascape image as two people hang out by the sea. All photos this week in some way convey the idea that photography can be used to capture these special moments as life passes us all by.

Featured photographers this week include: Alex Graham, Rob Pearson-Wright, Dina Alfasi, Duncan R Powell, Tanukallio, Ervin Vice, mafmalafaya, johnny777, Marconspace and mgyoungphotography

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Wester Hailes Edinburgh

Wester Hailes Edinburgh‘ by Alex Graham – “I pass these buildings fairly regularly and have taken more than a few photos in the past but somehow the light and shadows never seemed to match up. I like the shapes and angles of the buildings and roofs and how they seem to balance. It’s all down to personal taste I suppose but I like it.

Surprisingly few people pass this spot and when they do they do it pretty quickly. I hung about for 25 minutes or so, missed the first passerby but caught the next courtesy of the iphones ‘keep-your-finger-on-the-button-and-you-might-be-lucky-option’.

I wanted to get the figure smack in the middle of the posts and as near as possible to the center of the photo. It was always going to be a 1-1 photograph and it was always going to be black and white. As a rule I tend to use Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile but on this occasion I used Mextures initially then Lightroom to slightly up the blacks and adjust the shadows and finish with a smidgen of clarity.”

Silently he waits, dreaming the same dream

Silently he waits, dreaming the same dream‘ by Rob Pearson-Wright – “Traveling on Tokyo’s subways on a recent trip to Japan, I noted something in common with commuters worldwide. Some people just try and pass their time on their trips, in their own little space, as the world outside rattles by. The man in the image seemed to exemplify this. Just alone with his thoughts as the city passed by, dreaming his dreams. I had a shot of the man on his own but I liked this one, with someone entering the frame, more as it added a sense of movement around him which compounded his isolationism.

On this trip I was taking hundreds of shots a day and needed a quick workflow for editing. I processed the photo in Snapseed using the Tune Image option to tweak the brightness, up the contrast slightly and lower the highlights a touch. To finish off I converted the image to black and white to concentrate focus on the man.”

As time goes by

As time goes by‘ by Dina Alfasi – “The photo is part of a series of photographs I take every day on my train/bus trip. This woman caught my attention. From her look, you can tell she has a special life story. The light reflected from the window created a special atmosphere. I edited with Snapseed and VSCO.”

Easy rider

Easy rider‘ by Duncan R Powell – “I take most of these shots on my walk to work in Cheltenham, UK. If the sun is out, particularly in spring and autumn, the light is great on the Promenade. So I wait by imperial gardens for people to pass by.

This shot was earlier this week on my iPhone 6s. I saw this girl on her bike coming. I had my camera app open so did a burst of shots. Then I edited it on Tadaa to highlight the silhouette and achieve the bokeh. “


Untitled‘ by Tanukallio – “This is taken in Helsinki Metro. The man was traveling with a pizza. Taken with an iPhone 6s and us usual I was shooting and edited it with Hipstamatic.”

South Point, Hawaii

South Point, Hawaii‘ by Ervin Vice – “This shot was taken at South Point on the Big Island. It’s the southern most point in the United States. The land stops abruptly in a dramatic cliff. There are signs warning against diving or jumping off said cliff, citing the likelihood of serious or fatal injury. But take a wild guess as to whether that deters people. The guy in the lower left had just leaped into the water below and climbed back up on a rusty old ladder that wouldn’t pass safety codes in any nation on earth. But you only live once. “


Untitled‘ by mafmalafaya

The man in the light

The man in the light‘ by johnny777

Street shots from Finland – It was a yawn moment

Street shots from Finland – It was a yawn moment‘ by Marconspace

Wall Works

Wall Works‘ by mgyoungphotography

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