This theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography is negative space. It is such a simple compositional technique but one that can be very effective. From Ann Hecht’s shot of her dog running on the beach to Johnny777’s beautifully framed street shot, all photos in this week’s showcase illustrate how keeping an eye out for the area that surrounds your subject is just as important as the subject itself.

Featured photographers this week include; Ann Hecht, Jason Farrar, Gina Costa, hkeithiii, Johnny777, Marc Zetterblom, mirshuvo, WitW, Nei Cruz and iphonelfg.

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She’s probably chasing a seagull


She’s probably chasing a seagull‘ by Ann Hecht – “A morning walk with Sophie. I usually have Sophie and the sea but on this day photographed what was behind me. I loved the incomplete reflection and passed it through Snapseed to smooth out the details. Beginning to realise that Snapseed is a great app.”

And it was all Yellow


And it was all Yellow‘ by Jason Farrar – “This photo was shot while vacationing with my family in Iceland. We were walking through a village – I cannot remember the name – when this little yellow house caught my eye. I snapped a shot quickly with my iPhone 6s and moved along not thinking much of it. When reviewing the pics, I realized it was pretty cool and liked how all of the elements were spread throughout the frame – it felt nicely balanced to me. As far as processing, I cropped / straightened, made some minor color / contrast adjustments and added A9 filter (dialed back a bit) all in VSCO iOS. Finally, when posting to Instagram, I added the Lux adjustment set at a value of approximately 20. As a note, Lux defaults to a value of 50 but that is usually too much for my taste.”

Chez ma Soeur


Chez ma Soeur‘ by Gina Costa – “Recently, when staying with one of my sisters in Italy, I was struck how she arranged things in her lovely flat. There was a quiet, conscious arrangement of objects throughout the living spaces. I shot a series of these “domestic still life’s” while staying with her. The title is French for “At my Sister’s House”. I love the way the negative space points up the humble objects, and elevates their meaning and significance beyond the quotidian. I use this technique in the entire series, and in many of my still lives.

I used VSCO to shoot the series and Oggle to postprocess. Used the newish Coleford combo.”

Shot around the same time last year


Shot around the same time last year‘ by hkeithiii – “My wife and I went to the beach during the golden hour for a walk. Just after the sunset the clouds became very dramatic. This created a great backdrop. The backlight is what created the silhouette. My wife took this portrait of me and I edited with Snapseed and VSCO.”

Brightness and darkness


Brightness and darkness‘ by Johnny777 – “I went around Tokyo to shoot with my Instagram friend. We found this large passage where lights and shadows are beautiful. I took this pic with my iPhone 6s using the native camera. I adjusted brightness, contrast and color with the app ‘Enlight’. After that I used film simulator app ‘RIN films’. I usually use these apps”



Untitled‘ by Marc Zetterblom – “December is an incredibly dark month in Stockholm. Even more so when there’s no snow. The sun rises after 08.00 in the morning and sets before 15.00. However, when the sky is clear and the sun is up we are blessed with beautiful long shadows. This photo was taken in the morning of December 1st at the Stockholm City Hall. The invasion of morning light is filtered between the colonnades and clarified by the strong shadows. I was lucky to catch a by-passer. I have only used the Hipstamatic app for this image. I love it’s great possibilities for black and white photography.”



Untitled‘ by mirshuvo – “This photo I captured yesterday. I was walking around a place in Dhaka named Bosila. There, I found some of madrasa students, all wearing different color of panjabi. Suddenly, I saw there was a big blue colored gate of a factory. The I instantly got the idea of this shot so I asked the boy who was wearing a red panjabi to give me a pose in front of the gate. Then he happily give me a pose and I got this photo.

I processed this photo slightly with PicsArt and Snapseed. I just cropped the image to make it 16:9 and slightly enhanced the color.”

You have to choose now


You have to choose now‘ by WitW – “The picture was taken a few month ago. I was looking to post something on Instagram and I found this pic in my archive.  Perhaps I can make something cool with it. I shot it during a break while attending a meeting. It was in lille, North of France. In a former wool fabric factory which is now an enabler for more than 100 start up. The place is great but it’s the first time I’ve had a view on the garden side.

It’s a pure mobile shot. Not because of the phone but because it was almost a casual moment of shooting.

The shot was taken with an iPhone 5s. The edit on Snapseed using Black and white filter. Even if the picture was not really detailed, it was necessary to hide the various tones of the lawn in order to underline the contrast with the white track and the great ‘transform’ to adjust the symmetry.”

That shot that everyone took (with a twist)


That shot that everyone took (with a twist)‘ by Nei Cruz

336 / 366


336 / 366‘ by iphonelfg

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