The theme of this week’s showcase of iPhone photography is stunning examples of landscape photography. This week’s selection highlights 10 photos that beautifully show off nature and the elements at it’s best.

From @caroplanque’s stormy landscape vista on the Isle of Harris in Scotland to the serene calm of @alice1280’s seaside beach scene. All photos in the showcase illustrate how weather conditions, time of day and seasons can help us capture nature is an awe inspiring way.

Featured photographers this week include; Caroline Planque, Slice Of Life, alice1280, Anders Bakken, Robert Shirley, Andy Butler, hipsta_nx, Joao Figueiredo, Justin Nungesser and Karsten Schoenberg.

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Delineation, South Harris


Delineation, South Harris‘ by Caroline Planque – “I was completely mesmerized by the sheer beauty of South Harris while driving through on a stormy August afternoon. I tend to get absorbed, in a meditative / contemplative sort of way, by such landscapes. I let my mind wander; boundaries cease to exist, unlike the fence in this frame. What purpose does that fence serve? Nature needs no fence. Only human beings do. Shot with an iPhone 6 and edited in Snapseed with a couple of my favorite filters.  ”



Untitled‘ by Anders Bakken – “I took the image on a grey sunday a short drive from my home. Me, my wife and two kids were out hiking in the woods when my wife was walking along this trail, and suddenly looking up towards the treetops/sky. As usual, I had my iPhone 6s by the hand, and managed to get a shot before she went on. At the time it was actually light snow, and the atmosphere that the forrest provided was what made this photo for me personally.

I edited the image using the Enhance and sharpen tool in Camera360, then I used  Snapseed to furter encrease the atmosphere by using the vintage and grained tool.”

Pan seared striped bass


Pan seared striped bass‘ by Robert Shirley – “This image was shot just after sunrise at Sunken Meadow State Park on the North Shore of Long Island in the great state of New York. The body of water is the Long Island Sound.

It was October 8th and due to Hurricane Matthew a severe weather pattern was moving in. I was attracted to the low lying chain of clouds across the Sound off the shore of Connecticut. The fact that there was a gentleman fishing there to make the scape more interesting and give the shot scale was serendipitous.

The image was captured using the stock phone of my iPhone 7 and edited entirely with the Snapseed  App. “

The colours of dawn


The colours of dawn‘ by Andy Butler – “I took this photo on an early morning photo walk with my new iPhone 7 Plus. I was walking along a jetty at Lytham St Annes, in Lancashire, England. The tide was out and my eye was attracted by the light as it reflected off the muddy estuary and the way the tufts of marshland grass stood in clumps, here and there. The colours in the sky as the sun started to rise just finished the scene off. The photo was shot with the iPhone 7 Plus using the native camera app and was then edited in Snapseed. In Snapseed I cropped the image, adjusted the colour, increased the ambiance and saturation a little, then added some tonal contrast to sharpen up the details. Finally, I applied the vintage filter to finish the image off.”



Merging‘ by Joao Figueiredo – “Carcavelos Beach, a 20 km drive from Lisboa, Portugal, is a popular suburban beach for surfing. This photo was taken early in the morning just before a rain storm. Walking on the “boardwalk” I spotted this merging tracks, from a sand cleaning tractor, and waited for the two surfers on the horizon to be aligned with it to make this photo composition. Shot with iPhone 6 and edited with Instagram, cropped in square size, changed some saturation and definition and applied the Gringham filter…”

Sun Flares in the Forest


Sun Flares in the Forest‘ by Karstenschoenberg – “I live in the northern part of Bavaria in a charming landscape between the Fichtelgebirge and Steinwald natural parks. It’s a great place for an iPhone landscape photographer like me. This picture was taken on a late Sunday morning, when I was actually searching for autumn motifs. The beautiful light and the strong green of the moss created a perfect scene. I shot the image with my iPhone 6 and the app Pro Camera. For final edits I used Snapseed.”

Ce week end, c’était détente à Villers su Mer


Ce week end, c’était détente à Villers su Mer‘ by Slice Of Life



Untitled‘ by Justin Nungesser



Untitled‘ by hipsta_nx

Right Now


Right Now‘ by alice1280

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