This weeks showcase of iPhone photography is inspired by the colour blue. From sunny blue skies to the chilling blur hues of winter, all photos in this weeks showcase illustrate how this vibrant colour can be used to convey the seasons of summer, winter and autumn.

Featured photographers this week include; Paul Yan, David Welsh, Joanne Givogue, jen O’Connor, lillamys, Phottheo, Wojtek.pietras, Elaine Taylor, Julianne Kaplan, and Sesgo.

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The Day After


The Day After‘ by Paul Yan – “After kissing my mother goodbye at the Beijing airport, I decided to stick around outside the airport building and take advantage of the overpass under which people would walk by. I pre-focused on the floor a few meters in front of me, held my phone right on the floor to get the composition and then waited squatting… A couple of minutes later, this lady walked by and I released the shutter with the phone’s ear-buds cable while she had just got into the frame walking in full stride. Thanks to her curiosity about what I was doing, she glanced my way over her shoulder while the photo was made.

Post-processing was done with Snapseed: [Brush] to lighten up the dark reflection of the overpass on the floor; [Healing] to get rid of a couple of trash debris on the floor; [Tune Image] to decrease the colour saturation a bit, and the warmth was turned all the way down to accentuate the blue hue; square aspect ratio was then utilized in the [Crop] tool to get rid of the right side portion of the original composition.”

Lifting Weight


Lifting Weight‘ by David Welsh – “Started shooting photos in downtown Chicago with iPhone 6S looking up to buildings. After realizing that wasn’t a perfect symmetry decided to edit with reflkt app to create a balanced composition. For final details also add more light, and saturation with Lightroom for iPhone.”

When worlds collide


When worlds collide‘ by Joanne Givogue – “I had a friend visiting me in Doha, Qatar, so I decided to bring her to Education City, where 9 universities share a common campus and awesome architecture abounds. I specifically wanted to find the egg-shaped lecture halls at Weill Cornell Medical College. After about 20 minutes of walking and a break to consult Google Maps, we finally found what we had been searching for. We excitedly started taking pictures but I just didn’t like what I was getting. I continued walking around trying different things. It seemed like it had all been done before. Then, I walked between the eggs and looked straight up. I loved the arcs of the buildings against the rich blue sky (a rare treat in my desert city). This pic was taken with my iPhone 6S Plus, no processing.”

Time to wander….


Time to wander….‘ by jen O’Connor – “This image was taken at my local beach, Henley, in Adelaide, South Australia.

It is usually a hive of activity, especially at weekends when crowds flock to the coast to escape the daily grind.

However if you are lucky enough to find the time on weekdays, like when this was taken , the beach is quieter and people meander along at an entirely different pace. This was one of those days where time slows and becomes your own. I wanted to portray the simple liberty and the accompanying exhale of wandering along, just appreciating the moment and the expanse of sky & beach that seems to go on forever.

I love the ease & immediacy of having an iPhone with me all the time. There is a lot of seen and unseen around us, things we notice, glimpses we don’t. I like exploring layers and blends to convey depth. I’m not sure I always achieve it but I like the painterly, hazy quality this can sometimes portray. Not so much an absolute documentation of what I saw but more the memory of how it felt.

My favourite editing apps are Snapseed, Superimpose and Icolorama. I have used all three in this image. Each provides so many different aspects & options. I’m still scratching the surface of their potential & capabilities.”

Sense of snow


Sense of snow‘ by lillamys – “‘Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood’ – Andy Goldsworthy

This day I went for a photo walk because of all the beautiful snow. I had to wrap my iPhone in plastic foil because it was snowing heavily and it was all very wet. What a bliss when he suddenly appeared in the white woods with his bag, walking pass me and straight into the beautiful scenery.

Sense of snow is a classic Hipstamatic shot where I cut the frames and used a filter in Snapseed to make it less green. ”

At the opposite street corner


At the opposite street corner‘ by Phottheo – “There is this wall with a partly glass facade around the corner and I often watch how the light and colors change during the day an the year. In this case it was a clear day in Berlin. The strong blue in the sky added nicely to the yellow wall and gave the opportunity for a simple but nice complementary colors photo.”



Untitled‘ by Wojtek.pietras – “This picture is of the Polish autumn. It was a beautiful November morning, the sun came out from behind the horizon I saw one of the last leaf on the bench I took it I decided to take a photo on the background of the rising sun and a lovely blue sky.”

Stephen and Charlie


Stephen and Charlie‘ by Elaine Taylor – “This is a shot of my husband and oldest son walking, talking nonsense and generally making each other laugh as I followed behind. It was early evening and very cold but the sunlight and sky were gorgeous.

I shot it from a low angle using my iPhone7plus and edited it using Snapseed and Picfx.”

Around and About Chestnut Hill


Around and About Chestnut Hill‘ by Julianne Kaplan – “I had just parked the rental car in Chestnut Hill, MA, and was simply stunned when I opened the door by the vibrant colored freshly painted handicap parking space next to where I was parked. I had never seen one painted with these colors before!

I used no post processing whatsoever in this photo, it was straight out of my iPhone 7 plus. I habitually crop through the camera when possible as I did with this image.

As I am a prolific shooter, I try to keep my post processing to a minimum. I have established a very simple workflow for my images. I never apply any filters and generally use the native iPhone app for everything. First I click on the auto exposure to see if that improves the image and then I make certain I’m happy with the crop. If necessary, the only other App I will use is ‘TouchRetouch’ for spotting.

My work is about seeing . . . what is. I’m thrilled with the joy, surprise, simplicity and wonder that shooting with the iPhone brings to me!”

Luz de camisa corta


Luz de camisa corta‘ by Sesgo

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