To kickstart 2017’s series of mobile photography showcases we have an amazing selection of photographs which I hope will help to inspire you with ideas for your own photography efforts. I love the compositions of these photos from the use of curved lines in aco.konikoni’s SPiral Staircase image to Alice1280’s use of negative space in her beach scene.

Featured photographers this week include; mikemantx, Sikander63, Stephen Davis, Richard Limbo, Pri Santos, kallyklick, Justin Daniel Nungesser, Cipriano Giuliani, Alice1280, and aco.konikoni.

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Spiral staircase

Spiral staircase‘ by aco.konikoni – “This photo is a spiral staircase at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Japan. It’s the work of architect, Tadao Ando. I took it so that I can feel the beauty of this spiral. I’m glad if many people feel this beauty.”


Untitled‘ by Alice1280 – “I did very little to this photograph. A little adjusting using Instagram editing tools. Sometimes nature does all the work! And one person in just the right place.”

I miss my beard

I miss my beard‘ by Cipriano Giuliani – “I like growing my beard, but there always comes a time when I have to cut it, every time before I do I take a picture.

I think when you take a picture with the right light touch-ups to do are very few … and so it was for this photo.
I was in front of the bathroom mirror where there is a lot of lights, perfect for a portrait, in fact these lights create a beautiful effect in the eye.

I processed the photo using Snapseed to find the right black and white style that I liked and adjusted the lights and shadows to give a little detail to beard and hair, I set the focus only on the face and played with the vignette filter.”


Untitled‘ by Justin Daniel Nungesser – “This photo was taken in Seaside Park NJ at sunset with a iPhone 7plus. The editing was done through Lightroom with final touches using Lux.”

Ice Skating at Lake Louise

Ice Skating at Lake Louise‘ by kallyklick – “Being from the Bahamas, I was so excited to have the opportunity to take some winter photos when visiting Canada for the holidays. My family and I drove up to Lake Louise, where the winter scenery looked surreal. I wanted to capture that feeling as best as possible. The scale of the mountains compared to the people was so impressive. I used Hipstamatic to edit this photo: Lens – Florence, Film – Love 81, Flash – Apollo.”


Curves‘ by Pri Santos – “I’m from Brazil, and I was in a little “eurotrip” in London and Paris with my wife on the first two weeks of December 2016.

I’ve always been excited about the architecture of London, Paris and most of the Europe. I love those things and I love art and photography since before I studded Art here in Brazil.

This was my last day in Paris, I was with my wife just walking and seeing the streets and the beauty of the city, I love shot “architecture things”, so when I saw this building so classic, so fancy and curve, and the sky had this “soft blue”, I decided to shoot. I did one unique shot of this building (sometimes I like to walk around and try many angles of the same building or subject, but not this time). I’m very glad to keep this memories of Paris with me, in my pocket (literally).

This shot was captured in an iPhone 6s Plus, in the native camera and processed with VSCO. I just increased the contrast and bright, and pulled the exposure on the right side, to make the picture become brighter, after this I applied one filter and decreased the “power” of the filter, just to give the look that I wanted.”

Museum of islamic art (MIA)

Museum of islamic art (MIA)‘ by Richard Limbo – “I visited the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar during my afternoon walk along Corniche. I was amazed by the architecture and that time I saw the pigeons flying from the museum and I luckily captured this one pigeon. I took this photo with my iphone5 and using Snapseed for edited and it turns to an amazing image.”

The Broad

The Broad‘ by Stephen Davis – “I live 45 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles and love going there to take pictures whenever I am not teaching. I always stop at the Walt Disney Concert Hall snap a few photos of that incredible building.

Next door is The Broad Museum and it is equally stunning. I have tried taking photos of this building in the past, but they always turned out just like every other photo of the building on Instagram. Wanting to take a different type of photo of The Broad, I looked up and took a few photos.

The original photo was in color and taken with my iPhone 6. I used SKRWT to fine tune the top of the building, making it straight. Then I used the wonderful black and white app Noir to convert it to black and white. Finally I put it into Snapseed to adjust the contrast which made the black get darker. To further highlight the darkness, I added some vignetting.”


Painted‘ by Sikander63

From The Hip Series

From The Hip Series‘ by mikemantx

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