The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography features 10 beautiful and inspiring examples of fauna and flower photography all taken with a smartphone.

From Ken Matthews shot of a dying bracken leaf set against the deep green and purple colours of the moorland heathers to rezzuanroslee’s hand held flower set against a misty, mountain backdrop. There is also Helmut Hess’s arty inspired flower leaf complete with water droplets. All photos in this week’s showcase illustrate  different ways that photographers have chosen to frame and photograph flowers to bring out their beauty.

Featured photographers this week include; Sven Podssuweit, Rig777, rezzuanroslee, Shawn Moore, Katieteix, Kate Roberts, idieuwke, Gary Hayes, Helmut Hess, Ken Matthews.

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Fern‘ by Ken Matthews – “We have a bothy on the West coast of Scotland which is surrounded by bracken. It’s a constant battle to keep the bracken under control as it is so fast growing. Yet when it starts to die off the ferns take on a beautiful golden colour. And so the love, hate relationship spins around!  On a recent trip I was kayaking on the loch next to the bothy and noticed the bank of golden ferns against the green and purple of the heather on the hill side and just had to explore further with my mobile in hand.

I took the photograph using the app Hipstamatic. I love the variety of combinations of ‘film’ and ‘lenses’. Like any process, knowing the possibilities and limitations is critical to the final result. Although I used Ina’s 1982 ‘film’ and John S ‘lens’ the final photograph was edited very slightly using Snapseed to bring a wee bit more contrast into the picture. ”



Kaleidoscope‘ by Gary Hayes – “I am in Hong Kong on-route to Hangzhou where I’ll be teaching English until next June. I always visit flower markets in every city I visit, simply for the colour. To be honest the Hong Kong one doesn’t compare say to Bangkok but it’s still worth a potter after the Bird Park next door. I used the Apple Photo app and fiddled with Adobe Express to bring out the saturation. My other favourite Apps are Snapseed, Polarr and Prime.”

Blackberry bloom


Blackberry bloom‘ by idieuwke – “I’m doing the 2016 366 project on Flickr and I’m always looking for images to shoot during our walks with the dogs. I like to shoot images from nature and I loved the striking blossom of the blackberry with all the surrounding buds.

I shot this image with Camera+ on my iPhone 6+ and made preliminary adjustments in Snapseed, using atmosphere, shadows, highlights. Applying a little structure and a little less sharpening in Details and finished with some Vignette. I like to keep it very subtle and always try to accentuate the details in the image.

Next I opened the image in Lens Distortions and played with the various legacy filters until I found one that I liked and adjusted the opacity to give it a soft dreamy feel. On to Mextures, where I played with the various formulas, looking for one to darken the background without diminishing the brightness of the flower. I liked “echo” and adjusted to suit the image. Last I opened the image in VSCO and applied a favourite preset, well suited for the mood of the image, 05, again adjusting until satisfied.”



Sunflowers‘ by Kate Roberts – “Like most people, I love sunflowers!  Tuesday evening, I attended a planning meeting for the Month of Photography for 2017 in the Boulder/Denver area. The meeting took place in a small warehouse district tucked behind Boulder that had a great view of the Flatirons. I saw a lot of interesting shots to be had around the warehouses.

Someone had planted a garden outside their studio with veggies and sunflowers growing next to a ditch with water flowing inside it. The sky was stormy so the sunflowers popped in the beautiful light. I was going to end with a more colorful representation of the flowers but as all iPhone artists know, once we start playing with an image it usually becomes something completely different from our original intention. This was processed in Snapseed for HDR then all other editing done in Hipstamatic.”



Untitled‘ by Katieteix – “The inspiration for my self portrait on the lilies came from my love of flowers and nature. I always have fresh flowers in my home and enjoy incorporating them into my self portraits. I took this shot with my iPhone 6 and then edited it with a few mobile apps such as Mextures and Union”

So what’s you’re favourite flower?


So what’s you’re favourite flower?‘ by rezzuanroslee – “Flowers remind me to the most special person in my world. Mom. “



Untitled‘ by Rig777 – “The shot is a good mix of two of my consistent themes – flowers (and particularly bouquets) and windows.  The opportunity to take it arose unexpectedly while I was at a history conference.

It was processed in Phototoaster to reduce saturation and has a light touch of a Formulas filter.”

Is summer over?


Is Summer over?‘ by Sven Podssuweit

Not what I was expecting at all


Not what I was expecting at all‘ by Shawn Moore

Drops on tulip


Drops on tulip‘ by Helmut Hess

Which was your favourite?

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