The theme of this week’s showcase is photos that use clever compositional layouts. Composition is something that fascinates me greatly. It is a key part of photography that can make or break a photo. By opening our eyes to our surroundings we can use composition to tell a story, create something of mystery or take a different view of the world we live. I think all of the photos in this week’s showcase do just this.

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Featured photographers this week include: applewhite67, matnowy, all_about_abstract, petrinalowther, monochromevisions, vamosviendo, yiorgoskouts, elevenyc, sparrowflu and or_native.

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See no commands, Hear no commands…Obey no commands!


See no commands, Hear no commands…Obey no commands!‘ by applewhite67 – “Even though I have a Canon 5D Mark III, I rarely use it unless I am traveling or have taken a day off to shoot with it specifically because it is just too big and expensive to carry with me on my busy days. However, the one thing I usually always have on me is my Samsung S6; I can just whip it out and capture an image on the fly when moments present themselves. I realize that I’m limited in image quality when using a phone camera so I try to make up for the lack of quality by challenging myself to create and capture interesting and engaging compositions. Additionally, I use Snapseed to process all of my phone images.

I am a huge animal lover and devote a large majority of my time to caring for rescue dogs and cats. Between my wife and I, we have seven dogs and six cats of our own. Due to the fact that we do not have any children of our own, we view our rescues as are “kids”. Each of them have such strong personalities and I enjoy chronicling their lives via photographs. In this particular shot I was preparing dinner, and three of my kids obviously caught a whiff of the aroma of good food and decided to investigate. They had been playing really hard in the next room and weren’t really paying any attention to my commands… until, of course, they thought dad was cooking for them! ”

Ptaki te? fotografuj?


Ptaki te? fotografuj?‘ by matnowy – “I always try to get a point of view, which is normally unavailable for man. This time I had a opportunity to be on the roof of a building in Katowice, Poland. It was a great opportunity to get this birds eye point-of-view and capture this crossing. The photo was processed only in VSCOcam.”

Dublin architecture


Dublin architecture‘ by all_about_abstract – “The photo were taken with iPhone 6+ on my Sunday photowalk. I’m a hunter of geometric shapes and lines so my favorite places were the modern buildings and offices. Post processing was done in Snapseed on the iPhone.”

Each drop is precious


Each drop is precious‘ by petrinalowther – “I took the picture with my iPhone 5s. I had a clip on macro lens. The picture was inspired by a spiders web which was heavy with morning dew. I thought all the droplets of water were beautiful. I loved how the drops were suspended in air. As I recall I used the Clarendon filter on the Instagram.”

Wynyardwalk is now open


Wynyardwalk is now open‘ by monochromevisions – “The “Wynyard Walk’ in Sydney (pedestrian tunnel between Wynyard Train Station and new percent “Barangaroo’) opened just last week and its architecture and design is fantastic. I love street photography and as soon as it was open I ventured out and had a look.

I take pics with my iPhone 6 and process/post my images using Instagram. I’m processing on the go, don’t spend too much time on it, I just choose one filter that suits my photography (high contrast and a bit grainy) and post. All done within 2 minutes.”

Espacio aéreo


Espacio aéreo‘ by vamosviendo – “This photo was taken during a rainy morning. I was looking in puddles interesting reflections to tell a story, and that’s how I found this finding. I processed the light and exposure with Snapseed, and I added the finishing touches using Instagram.”

What is going on outside the frame?

yiorgoskouts_22_9_2016_13_23_43_230What is going on outside the frame?‘ by yiorgoskouts – “As a child I was obsessed with shadow theater. In my country, Greece, this kind of theater tells stories about a fictional, comedian character called “Karagiozi”.

Every time I see a well lit wall I imagine it as a stage and the human shadows as actors in a Karagiozi’ s tale.

This picture was taken with Hipstamatic classic camera app and the blackeys super grain film + Lucifer VI lens combo.”

Life has many paths


Life has many paths‘ by elevenyc

Going Round


Going Round‘ by sparrowflu

Sinuous sunlight


Sinuous sunlight‘ by or_native

Which was your favourite?

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