It’s time for another Mobiography Capturing the moment feature which showcases a selection of eye catching images that have been submitted to the Mobiography Flickr Group over the course of the last week. This weeks showcase features work from mobile photographers Cedric Blanchon, Shel Serkin, Paula Gardener, Amo Passicos, Giancarlo Beltrame and Andy Butler.

Run don’t walk

Run don't walk by Joanna Dunford

Run don’t walk‘ by Joanna Dunford – “I was out shooting with the izzigadget for iPhone at sunset and was trying to find a good shot for the fish eye lens. I turned around and saw this sliver of sunlight breaking out of the shadows. As I went to take a shot, this guy ran across and I snapped the shutter just at that point. Lucky moment I guess.”


Minnie by Shel Serkin

Minnie‘ by Shel Serkin – “Having just arrived at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, for a family vacation, I set about looking for a shot that would include the iconic mouse ears. I only had to go as far as the hotel lobby to discover my subject and the image.”


Josh by Paula Gardener

Josh‘ by Paula Gardener – “I love to capture my children when they are really relaxed and obliging. With the sun shining on a quiet Saturday afternoon, I captured this image of my eldest son. I used Hipstamatic’s Tinto 1884 lens and D-Type plate film. I then opened the image in Snapseed using its Drama filter to enhance the contrast. Finally I cropped the distressed border to give it a cleaner edge.”

Killing (summer)Time Series

Killing (summer)Time Series by Amo Iphoneography

Killing (summer)Time Series‘ by Amo Passicos – “This picture was taken during a long rainy summer afternoon. I was trying to entertain my daughter. Since I always have dead flowers we decided to use one of them, trying different postures.”

Kiss in the Sun

Kiss in the sun by Giancarlo Beltrame

Kiss in the sun‘ by Giancarlo Beltrame – “This is really stolen Photo. I was in Verona, my town, with my scooter. I parked in front of a store, on the sidewalk of corso Porta Nuova I saw these two guys sitting in the afternoon sun, kissing. I extracted the iPhone, I selected the combination of Hipstamatic and I took pretending to tinker with the scooter.”

Elderly Companionship

Elderly Companionship by Andy Butler

Elderly Companionship‘ by Andy Butler – “This shot was taken whilst on a recent holiday to the Lake District, an area of outstanding natural beauty in the UK. When away and not in the hum drum of my usual routine I like to get out alone in the early morning and evening times to go on photo walks.

The elderly couple in this shot were walking ahead of me, down a narrow country lane on one of those walks. I was struck by the air of companionship and connection that existed between the couple as I walked behind and felt there was a story to tell.

The photograph was shot casually from the hip using Oggl with the Jane lens and Sugar film combination, a combo I like due to the warm results it gives. I later tweaked the image in snapseed and added some vignetting to the outer edges of the photograph”.

There is someone?

There is someone by cedric blanchon

There is someone?‘ by Cedric Blanchon

Do you have a favourite?

Do you have a favourite from this weeks showcase of images? Let us know in the comments below. If you haven’t already joined then head over to the Flickr Group, get shooting and join in the fun.