The past 12 months have been a fantastic journey. Along the way I have had the privilege of meeting many talented mobile photographers and have been inspired by so many more.

As we approach the festive season I thought it would be interesting to invite 24 mobile photographers who have inspired and supported me in one way or another and ask them to offer an insight into their photography, to reflect on their year gone by or plans for the coming year ahead.

Each day until Christmas Eve we will be featuring one photographer in a sort of online advent calendar so to speak.

Today’s featured photographer is Anna Cox

Not only is Anna a talented mobile photographer, an editor for but she has also become a good friend over the course of this year. I am thrilled to be able to include her in this series.

My mobile photography take away from the past year is…


The past year has been a tad tumultuous for my family and I. We have been uprooted from the place we have always called home to move 1000 miles away to a huge city. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had grown very lackadaisical with my photography. I had stopped pushing myself because I was so comfortable with my surroundings which had led to an unsatisfied feeling. When I got to Texas I had to confront that feeling head on and push through it. I hate to use the phrase “redefine”, but really that’s what I had to do. I had to redefine what and who I was creatively. I found I had shoved myself in this tiny little niche of abandoned photography, which I still love, but with that in short supply I felt the niche squeezing the life out of my creativity. It wasn’t until I received the Nokia 1020 as part of the We Are Juxt Windows Phone challenge that I broke through the slump and started looking at my surroundings differently. I had forgotten that the world held such natural beauty because I was always looking for man-made destruction. It wasn’t until I was playing at the beach with my son and just watching his wide eyed wonder at the waves, the sand, and the wide open space that I truly got it. I had forgotten to look. To really look and see the beauty that is everywhere. My take away for this year is to hold on to the spring, fall, summer and winter and bask in the changes each season brings to my surroundings.

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