Learning Resouces: Books

Mobiography is a site dedicated to inspiring and helping mobile photographers to get the most out of the cameras in their pockets. Within our resources section you will find a range of quality books, ebooks and courses.

Recommended Courses About Mobile Photography

Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

‘Adventures in Creative Artistry’ is an online course by award winning iPhone photographer and mobile artist, Nicki Fitz-Gerald. In this 10 module course, Nicki walks you step by step through the process of using a variety of creative photo apps to compose and shows you how to craft your own truly stunning pieces of mobile art.

Learn Mobile Photo Editing: Apps for Beauty and Efficiency

In this 45-minute class, photographer, designer, and adventurer Dan Rubin (@danrubin) shares how to spot a great photo and take it through easy and effective mobile editing apps. His step-by-step instructions will teach you how to achieve the aesthetic you seek in your photos through editing, and how to make the process quick and repeatable as you build your photo portfolio.