This week the winners of the Mobiography and AMPt End of Year Challenge were announced.

The challenge asked mobile photographers and artists from the AMPt community to submit three of their best images from 2013. As a result 230 images were put forward which the judging panel had to shortlist down to just nine artists.

Judging involved several rounds with each round looking at a variety of different criteria including cutting edge originality, creativity, risk taking, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, emotional attachment, image quality, technical skills, composition and contrast.

The standards were extremely high and the judging task very difficult but in the end the panel of judges agreed on the final nine.

Photo by Ade Santora

The Winners are:

First Place & Overall Winner: Ade Santora @adesantora

Second Place: Craig Corbin @craigcecilcorbin

Third Place: Cedric Blanchon @cedricblanchon

Fourth Place (with equal number of votes each):


The nine winning images will be featured in an AMPt special issue of the Mobiography Digital Magazine due for release at the beginning of February 2014.

The winning shot from Ade Santora will be featured on the front cover along with an interview to find out more about his work and inspirations.

Honourable Mentions

There are also honourable mentions to the following photographers; Elaine Taylor, Mohsen Chinehkesh, Jonas Ene, Jason M Peterson, Romain Esteban, Jeffrey Simpson, Susanne, Elisabeth Spence, Michal Koralewski, Andrew Hays, Jose Luis Saez.

Special Thanks to the Judges

I would personally like to thank the AMPt team of judges for their time in helping to decide on this winning selection. Judges include Nei Cruz, Duane Hall, Paul ‘Skip’ Brown, Heline Lam, Stefanie LePape, Joel Adams, Josh St German and Todd Leban. I’d also like to thank fellow special guest judge Jennifer Bracewell as well as organiser and chief whip Michelle Robinson.