I wanted to give you an update on the outage situation with the publishing platform that I use to publish Mobiography Magazine.

UPDATE 14/8/19

Today, I’m thrilled to report that full reader access has finally been restored to the Mobiography Magazine app.

You should now be able to access your magazine issues.

This has been tested and everyone so far has reported that everything seems fine.

I would recommend after opening the app, that you first restore your purchases.

To do this tap the yellow subscribe button in the top right corner, then tap Restore All Purchases. You then need to confirm your login with the same account details that you purchased the subscription with. If you are asked for an account number try entering your iTunes or Google Play password. This will then sync your purchases.

If you have any problems email me at [email protected]

The background to what has happened

Over the course of this last week, I’ve been in close contact with the platform owners. Basically, last Thursday, the data center which houses the servers for the publishing platform, was hacked and infected with Ransomware. This also found it’s way into the on and off-site backup systems.

Needless to say it has cause untold damage. The publishing platform owners took the decision not to pay the ransom and I don’t blame them.

The good news

The good news is the underlying code for the platform is safe and was located elsewhere so is unaffected. However, a lot of the parts that connect the various components together need to be re-built if they can’t be recovered.

At the moment, the Mobiography app works perfectly fine if you already have magazine issues downloaded onto your devices. However, it is not possible to connect to the servers and download new issues or for new readers to subscribe to the magazine.

I am told the aim is to get this part of the app functionality back online by early next week (if not sooner).

The next phase of recovery after that will be to get the back-end dashboard that I use to build and manage the magazine back online. Until this phase is complete, I’ll be unable to access the dashboard in order to click publish on the latest issue, which is finished and ready to go.

The developers think this phase could take a week to complete. However, should anything unforeseen happen it could take longer.

Just to be clear

No personal data of magazine customers has been compromised. This type of information is not held by the publishing platform but is held by Apple or Google Play and is therefore completely safe.

This situation only affects the app and not the Mobiography website as they are entirely separate.

My aim is that Mobiography Magazine will be back online as soon as possible. Again, I will keep you updated with developments.