coverRecently, it was brought to my attention that a new digital book had been published in the iBook store. The book called ‘Ink Mirrors’ is by award winning iPhone photographer, Dilshad Corleone and is published by Towel Publishing.
Ink Mirrors combines two of Dilshad’s passions, iPhone photography and tattooing and documents many of the characters and tattoo artists at this year’s London Tattoo Convention.

About Dilshad Corleone

Dilshad Corleone is a well known figure on the iPhone photography scene and has been featured in two high profile films about mobile photography. The first saw him walking and photographing the streets of Barcelona where he talks about his work and what shooting with an iPhone means to him. The second film, ‘The Picture Project’, saw him shooting side by side a traditional DSLR photographer as they walked the streets of London at night. Dilshad’s work has also been featured in many exhibitions around the world from London to New York, Japan to Florence, to name but a few. He has also been featured on many online photography websites and publications including Mobiography.


So what’s the book about?

The book contains 64 pages of stunning portrait photography which is intermixed with famous quotes and musings about the meaning of tattoos and the tattooing process. Combine this with the use of short video interviews from several of the artists and attendees at the convention and you really start to get a good insight into the reasons why people are so passionate about tattoos and the stories behind them.

The photography in the book is shot in Dilshad’s usual style which makes use of vibrant colour, as well as dark, black and white gritty images and a hint of depth of field blur. Tapping a photo lets you zoom in and see the detail contained in the body art.


Download Ink Mirrors

This is a highly recommended read and is FREE to download from the iBook Store. Even if tattooing isn’t your thing you can still appreciate the quality of the photographic work contained within the book. The use of video throughout really helps to give an extra added dimension to the people portrayed in the photos. A word of warning though, the book does contain a lot of beards (I’m not sure why… it must be a tattoo thing).

Download Ink Mirrors