The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography is travel and adventure and looks at 11 beautiful photos which all capture one aspect of this subject. From the adventure of an isolated hill top walk in @Alice1280’s photo, to the street photography of @kaizhi, @photograph.your_.mind and @Huannguyen99 and capturing the excitement and wonder of air travel in the photos by @catchthemoment_nl and @mariobrandao. All photos this week illustrate how different photographers have approached the subject of documenting travel and adventure.

Featured artists this week include: Alice1280, catchthemoment_nl, jeffreymkarp, kaizhi, m.cristinagonzalez, mariobrandao, photograph.your_.mind, Vickie_fotos, lekmann, Lunastudio, Huannguyen99.

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Lesotho‘ by Alice1280 – “This photo was taken in Lesotho (The Mountain Kingdom), a short hike up a mountain to look at flowers and grasses. I used an iPhone 6. Snapseed is my go to app for image tuning. They update it often and keep adding new and useful tools.”

Window with a view

Window with a view‘ by catchthemoment_nl – “I went on a special vacation with my dad to Spain and when I saw the sea I had to capture this moment. I went with my mom and dad to Roses, Spain 40 years ago. After that, I still went back with my husband and kids. When my mum died 20 years ago my dad never went back. Uptil now….

His second wife is also very ill and he desperately needed a vacation so I invited him to come to Rosas with me for one more time. For the good moments and memories. So up there in the sky I took this picture thinking about my mum and how special it is to go on a holiday for the first time in my 49 years life just alone with my dad. And I can tell you its awesome.

I take all my photos with a Samsung S7 edge. I only adjusted the colours in snapseed. “

A beautiful sunset on our last night in Mexico. I hope to visit again some time…

A beautiful sunset on our last night in Mexico. I hope to visit again some time…‘ by jeffreymkarp – “This image was taken while on holiday with my family at a beautiful resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I saw this spot on the beach earlier in the weekend and was drawn to the leading lines produced by the floor of the white gazebo in the foreground, and the aligned dark silhouette of the palm trees closer to the water.

I returned at sunset on the Sunday because the sky was beautiful and the wind was calm. I captured the image using my iPhone6 stabilized in a mini-tripod resting on the gazebo floor. I waited for people to enter the frame to provide a sense of scale and balance to the left third of the image.

I edited this image in Snapseed for iOS followed by final minor adjustments in Instagram before posting it to my gallery.”

Go early morning country market….In some countryside in a small country there is still laughter somewhere

Go early morning country market….In some countryside in a small country there is still laughter somewhere‘ by kaizhi – “I was on the road, backpacking on the foggy morning due to the rain the previous night. I stopped to rest and I saw two women biking over the joyful farmland field early, so I took this photo to cpature that moment! I’m took the photo with a Sony Z3 and edited with VSCO and Snapseed.”

In Seoul…

In Seoul…‘ by m.cristinagonzalez – “I took this photo in Seoul at the Gyeongbokgung Palace. There were many of this young girls dressed in their traditional customs taking selfies and loving people taking photos of them. I liked the sense of physical isolation and being connected at the same time. Interesting to see how young people  still value their cultural heritage. Aesthetically I was pleased to include primary colors in this shot.

I used Snapseed to edit this photo which is my favorite app.”

60 anos depois…

60 anos depois…‘ by mariobrandao – “My mother went to visit Terceira island, Azores, when she was 18, by boat, with her mother who was born there but got married on the main land in the city of Braga, Portugal. In the old days people didn’t rush, the boat trip took several days and the visit took some months, all summer time. My mother never got back to the island again. 60 years later I invited her to go there to visit her family and the places she remembered so well. This was also her first flight. It was an emotional journey.

I hope to take her back to Terceira island again as it is a beautiful place with wonderful people.

The image was processed on Instagram with the Inkwell filter and then I adjusted luminosity.”

Ha Noi

Ha Noi‘ by photograph.your_.mind – “This photo was taken on my second day in Ha Noi, Vietnam. I’ve heard about the Old Quarter of Ha Noi for a while now and I’ve been dreaming of going there from the moment I discovered it.

One of my main reasons for coming to Asia was for the street photography. I feel that documenting the raw, uncensored human experience is one of the most important things that I can do with a camera. Sure, a beautiful beach is lovely to look at, but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to capture the pure motion of the reality that we live in. This is real, daily life in Ha Noi. Traveling inspires my life and capturing life inspires my traveling. We’re all just living.

Vietnam is a wonderful place for inspiration. I processed this photo using the VSCO photo editing app, such as I do for all of my photos. I believe that the black and white evokes the perfect amount of emotion to tell the story of these old Ha Noi streets. Much thanks to the people of Vietnam. I love Ha Noi.”


Untitled‘ by Vickie_fotos – “The photo was taken on a mad New Years day drive from Denmark to France. We aimed to arrive at sunrise and we were greeted with a beautiful clear day. Kinderdijk is a UNESCO world heritage site in the Netherlands and it’s a wonderfully tranquil and historical place.”

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town‘ by Huannguyen99 – “On a weekend morning, while wandering the streets, I caught sight of this lady selling vegetables on a sidewalk corner. She has sold them here for 20 years. I had taken a picture to record this moment, so simple but beautiful. I liked it, it seems to show the cultural life of the people of Hoi An, Vietnam. The photo is taken by iPhone 6, no additional editing.”


Untitled‘ by lekmann


Untitled‘ by Lunastudio

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