The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography highlights 10 summertime inspired photos from the #mobiogrphy hashtag on Instagram. From Erin Lynn’s fantastic sunflower shot to the various photos that feature blue skies, sunny beaches and silhouettes. The photos in this week’s showcase beautifully capture some passing moments in time as we while away the summer months.

Featured photographers this week include: Joao Maria Fortuna, Daniel Wencel, Erin Lynn, Helene Hache, Felix, Kacper, Thao Tran, @so.asa, Elaine Taylor and Nicla Sisto.

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Billy on Otley Chevin

Billy on Otley Chevin‘ by Elaine Taylor – “This was taken at a place called Otley Chevin, one of my favourite places to photograph my boys. Although it doesn’t look like it, rain had been lashing down just a few minutes before I took this shot of Billy, hence the umbrella. Out of nowhere the weather changed and Billy started running around. I got in position and took a few shots using my phone’s burst mode.

It was quite windy on The Chevin so Billy had a lot of fun with the umbrella, but unfortunately it didn’t survive.

I shot this with my iPhone7+ using a wide angle lens by OOWA, and edited it using Darkroom, which I was testing out for the first time.”


Untitled‘ by Daniel Wencel – “The truth is I’m not a person who likes to talk about their photographs, I think the photographs should speak for themselves. I just shoot reality and show it as it is. This image was taken during my holidays in Sozopol, Bulgaria with LG G4 and edited in VSCO.”

“Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.” The Dalai Lama

“Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.” The Dalai Lama‘ – by Erin Lynn – “I took this photo at a Frederick Farm, not far from where I live, just outside of Rochester, N.Y.

I read about this particular sunflower field from another local photographer’s feed on Instagram and had to check it out for myself. There are half a million sunflower seeds planted over 23 acres. It’s just gorgeous!

When it comes to photography, I let my curiosity drive the entire process. For me, there’s a certain romanticism about capturing life, frame by frame and freezing those moments for all time. The emotion you can convey without using words is fascinating to me. I especially enjoy the challenge of using a smartphone. It does have its limitations, sure, so I love it when people are surprised with the knowledge of my gallery being iPhone only. I once read, the best camera is the one you have with you and when you always have an iPhone in your back pocket, there’s never a missed opportunity.

With this photo, I wanted to convey a sense of being completely immersed into a sunflower field. The perspective takes you back to being a kid again and getting lost among giant flowers, an Alice in Wonderland feeling of sorts. As I began observing the activity of the bees busily buzzing around me (say that 10 times fast) I became mesmerized and before I knew it, had drifted deeper and deeper into the field until I was surrounded by sunflowers. It was then I held my phone up and began snapping shots. I cherish that moment. There I was in the middle of this huge sunflower field, not a person in sight, watching a gorgeous sunset completely surrounded by these massive beautiful flowers. It brought me into the present, and reminded me to savor the little things in life.

I used VSCO to edit the photo along with a few editing tools on Instagram. I added extra warmth (I find pics that are mostly warm tones and taken in golden hour light look outstanding with the warmth enhanced), adjusted some other things and voila, that’s my story…and I’m sticking to it.”


Untitled‘ by Thao Tran – “This photograph was taken at Dinard in French Brittany, a seaside resort not very known. Here calm rhymes with serenity. Time is suspended and also for breath.”


8‘ by @so.asa – “This photo was taken one summer afternoon, in a small alley of a small Mediterranean town, in Corsica. I shot in bursts with my IPhone 7 Plus. The editing was done with Snapseed, in the street, as I do most often. I accentuate the areas of shadows. The passers-by should only be silhouettes.”


Untitled‘ by Joao Maria Fortuna

Suspended Time – Nice

Suspended Time – Nice‘ by Helene Hache


Shay‘ by Felix

An Explorer

An Explorer‘ by Kacper


Untitled‘ by Nicla Sisto

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