The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography is simple compositions. Often the simplest of photos can be the most striking. Whether you make use of the curves of a stairway banister railing, contrasting colours, shapes or reflections. Keeping you compositions simple can really help to focus the eye and create an image that makes a connection with the viewer.

Featured photographers this week include: Bartosz, Alastair Hooley, Brendan O Se, Justin Kownacki, Kacper, @nejbs, Samuel Okocha, @sebastian_oskar_kroll, Waliids and @Smokin_billy.

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Man on the move

Man on the move‘ by Samuel Okocha – “I took this photo from a bus during a late afternoon traffic in Lagos. The Nigerian commercial capital is pretty notorious for its traffic. But that, for me, provides an opportunity to shoot and make images with my iPhone. And for this photo, I did just that.

The man, on the move, caught my interest with his head popped out and the rest of his body blocked off by a car close by. He was going about his business but I saw an artsy scene.

For editing the image, I used Snapseed. Inside the editing app, I cropped the photo to get a closer feel of the scene. That also helped to maximize the simplicity of the photo. And then turning it into black and white made the photo almost looking like a painting.”


Untitled‘ by Bartosz – “I took this photo during a nice day out. I remember that I was walking through Wroc?aw with my parents. They live in another city and during the holidays, they came to visit me and to see the city! We went to some old buildings and by accident we found this staircase! I felt compelled to take some pictures there!”


Reflections‘ by Alastair Hooley – “This photo is a reflection on the shiny panels of the overhanging roof at Birmingham New Street Station in the UK. The whole station is layered with reflective cladding following its 2015 refurbishment. The photo was shot with an iPhone 6s and edited with the Hipstamatic app using the John S lens, T Roosevelt 26 film, and Jolly Rainbo 2X flash.”

People don’t change, people reveal

People don’t change, people reveal‘ by Brendan O Se


Hey‘ by Justin Kownacki – “My girlfriend and a fellow photographer were taking photos on a downtown parking garage roof right before sunset, and she asked me if I wanted to join them. As they were setting up their shots, I was drawn to the contrast of the yellow floor arrow against the blue garage ramp. I intended to shoot the arrow by itself as a minimalist experiment, but when I noticed my feet framed the arrow’s point, I decided to keep them in. Then I tinkered with the hues using Instagram’s native filters to ensure the color contrast would pop. (I rarely use any additional editing programs. Because I shoot and edit everything on my phone – currently an LG G6 – I don’t like to jump between apps, so I keep things simple).”

Before the ring

Before the ring‘ by Kacper

Straight Story

Straight Story‘ by @nejbs


Untitled‘ by @sebastian_oskar_kroll


Untitled‘ by Smokin_billy


Whited‘ by Waliids

Do You Have a Favourite?

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