The theme of this week’s Mobiography Showcase Challenge was ‘Abstract’ and the photos submitted this week all beautifully illustrate different ways that you can capture an abstract photo. Mobile artist Eliza Badiou has cerate a wonderful abstract self portrait by compositing layers of images and effects to create her abstract portrait. Meanwhile other photographers have used reflections or close cropping into small areas of a building or scene to create their abstract views.

Featured photographers this week include: Bazillus, detailsofberlin, Evelyne Sieber, Barbara Frish @iphonecameragirl, Jonathan Leahy, Laurence Bouchard, Mitrydate, J. Cyr, and Eliza Badiou.

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Untitled‘ by Bazillus – “My series ‘architecture – eye on detail’ is an ongoing project which I started in 2011. The title ‘architecture – eye on detail’ is my guideline. My focus is on the details of buildings, interior and excerpts from the urban space. The choice of the place, and the language of shapes and light transfer the images to independent abstract photos. As well as they are references to architectural styles and eras.

The photos are shot with my iPhone and just have been edited with Instagram. The selected photo I have done recently in Bilbao. “

Mit diesem schönen Treppchen wünsch ich euch einen wunderbaren

Mit diesem schönen Treppchen wünsch ich euch einen wunderbaren‘ by detailsofberlin – “After a day in the office, not my normal office, I saw a nice staircase through the window and asked my colleague how to get there and she showed me the way. The staircase is in a private house in Berlin and I am always looking for staircases because there is this thing called #staircasefriday on Instagram. I took the photo with my new iphone 8 and edited it in Enlight and VSCO.”


Untitled‘ by Evelyne Sieber – “This photo was taken in Hong Kong‘s CBD. All the different lines and patterns of the skyscrapers‘ exteriors looked very interesting and different from this angle (I usually choose a low or high angle or detail approach for architectural shots). In skrwt I slightly rotated the image and adjusted contrast, ambience and shadows in snapseed.”

Look up

Look up‘ by Barbara Frish @iphonecameragirl – “This abstract was shot at the Oculus World Trade Center station in NYC. I’m here often and have photographed it so many times and I’m always looking for new angles. It was raining and as I exited I looked up and this was what I saw! I used my iPhone 7 plus. It was cropped and darkened a bit in Snapseed. “


Powersteamelite‘ by Jonathan Leahy – “On Tuesday I was waiting for an x-ray on a broken bone in my foot in a pretty boring room, listening to two people discuss whether potatoes are gluten free or not, when I noticed the reflection from a laneway between two hospital buildings in a window sill that had a beautiful grain pattern in it from the sill.

Shot on iPhone 7, edited in Snapseed and Instagram for some contrast and light, with a huge shout out to the medical Staff of CUH in Cork!”

Hacylon days

Hacylon days‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “‘Hacylon days’ was shot at a business complex in Tokyo in the early morning.  It’s a location I often visit and, in the winter, the shadows get longer and longer.  It’s also a place where the iPhone works best due to it’s inconspicuousness – whenever I’ve pulled out a DLSR camera the security guards were onto me like their lives depended on it.

The location is really inspiring and I love the abstract tiling.. That combined with the long winter shadows make it a great place to shoot..

I then edited in Snapseed using the noir filter and bringing up the lightness.”


Untitled‘ by Mitrydate – “In this shot I moved to a silhouette of a boy kicking a ball, re-opening it with his profile to the right of the shot, in the illusion of embodying the ball itself. For this effect I availed of the aid of the application of Picsart which allowed me with blur and with effects such as distortion, vortice and Pop art filters (Holga 2) to achieve that result.”

When at The Broad..

When at The Broad..‘ by J. Cyr – “This photo was taken looking up, from the south west corner of The Broad Museum in downtown Los Angeles. It was taken with iPhone 6s, using the native camera, and edited with the “Handy Photo” app to extend the sky a bit, and then Snapseed for balancing the exposure and darkening the sky.

Even though this recent addition to downtown Los Angeles has become one of its most photographed buildings, I hadn’t seen a photo taken from this angle. Standing  at the base of the museum, looking up at the honeycomb façade, the texture and pattern seem to jump into warp speed as they turn the corner; eye-bending.”

Having dealt with it

Having dealt with it‘ by Eliza Badiou – “Self portrait shot with iPhone 6S. I have edited the image through Snapseed and iColorama.

What I wanted to achieve was an almost milky , delicate surface with smooth fine tones putting an emphasis on the brushes in order to transfigure the idea of a thousand thoughts I was fighting against at a certain moment in time. It’s about the inside of the human mind transitioning from the inside – out of the ‘self'”

Boarding Ends 20 Minutes Before Departure

Boarding Ends 20 Minutes Before Departure‘ by Nima Bank

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Remember, the theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘Portraits’ so start sharing your best smartphone portrait photography, by using the #mobiography_challenge_6.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.

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