The theme of this week’s Mobiography Showcase Challenge was ‘Symmetry’ and once again, the Mobiography community has delivered a fantastic selection of photos for this week’s challenge. Many of the photos featured in this week’s selection make use of bold lines, curves and architectural geometry in order to create a photo that conveys a symetrical fell while others such as Ludwig Wagner and Mitchell Bell have used nature in order to create an image that has balance and symmetry.

Featured photographers this week include: Janet Hartmann, J. Cyr, Alon Goldsmith, Malani M Jones, Charles Read, Nadine Funke, Evelyne Sieber, Faed Moufti, fayyangflying, Mitchell Bell, Jen Burnett, jlm_cork, Karina Wisz, Ludwig Wagner, Mohammed Muslim, Margaret Shaw, Sergey, Liz Anderson, vijaypalmanit and Seb Gordon.

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Right place right time

Right place right time‘ by Janet Hartmann – “My husband and I were on a long road trip (5000 miles as it turned out) from Minneapolis to L.A. via Colorado Springs, Santa Fe, Palm Springs, L.A. Sequoia National Park, King’s Canyon National Park, Lake Tahoe, Grand Junction CO, Glenwood Springs CO, and a fast leap through the Great Plains. Needless to say, we saw a lot of the country. This serendipitous moment in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, was one of them. We wended our way through construction on a quest for a good meal. Crossing a pedestrian bridge, the sun slipped behind the mountain ridge, highlighting the jagged edge. And then came the jet trail, seemingly headed straight down into earth. Henri Cartier-Bresson, known for “the decisive moment” in photography, said “…there is one moment at which the elements in motion are in balance.” Be ready for that moment.”

Some urban desert minimalism at its best

Some urban desert minimalism at its best‘ by J. Cyr – “I took this with an iPhone6s, with the native camera, and used Snapseed for editing. In particular, I dialed back the ‘highlights so that the sky would be a bit more saturated and to bring out the texture of the minimalist concrete wall through the metal trellis. On the campus of Arizona State University, the Nelson Fine Arts Center, designed by architect Antoine Predock, embraces and interprets its desert setting rather than trying to deny it, as do so many modern structures in the Southwest. Walking around these buildings in the evening light is like entering a post-modern iteration of a De Chirico painting.”

Half pint

Half pint‘ by Alon Goldsmith – “I shot this with Hipstamatic at my daughter’s birthday party a few years back at Central Park in Playa Vista, Los Angeles. This was before Hipstamatic allowed you to choose your film and lens after the fact. Back then, you selected your combo before shooting based on your subject, and were stuck with the result. In this case, I used Ina’s 69 and John S. A good choice I think, as it turned out.”

“Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. “- Coco Chanel

“Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. “- Coco Chanel‘ by Malani M Jones – “I shot with my old phone, an iPhone 6s plus, last January. If my memory serves I used Snapseed to edit and the SKRWT app to straighten lines a bit. Taken at Charleston international airport in the baggage claim area right after we said goodbye to our middle child when he moved to Colorado.

My inspiration came from my very good friend @reneetakespics and her hub @jj_layoverlounge, a beautiful hub featuring some of the most gorgeous airport scenes. Renee herself travels a good deal and takes some stunning airport shots she is always anxious to share and I wanted to share my own with her! Also, along with Renee and @db.cooper_ (Debbie) we are the the mod team for @jj_symmetry so we are always on the look out for all things symmetrical.”

terminal velocity

terminal velocity‘ by Charles Read – “When flying and connecting through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, I always hope I’ll have enough time to take a detour through the 850-foot underground pedestrian passageway linking Concourses B and C of Terminal 1. Colors change continuously in the phosphorescent glass tubes above the moving walkways as backlit LED lighting cycles colors across the undulating curves of the walls, reflected on mirrored surfaces overhead – all synchronized and set to a spacey soundtrack.

Helmut Jahn’s architectural design (and the mirrored ceiling panels) definitely make this space a Mecca for symmetry-seeking shooters. While color is generally the way photographers like to go here, during my last visit I had the opportunity to experiment with the Blackie app to apply color filtration in real time and see what it would make of the endlessly changing color combos of the programmed lighting sequences.

Shot on iPhone 6s using the Blackie app digital IR filter and vignetting to lighten the outer edges of the frame; final cropping done in Snapseed.”

…mit dem vorerst letzten Bild aus München wünsche ich euch einen entspannten

…mit dem vorerst letzten Bild aus München wünsche ich euch einen entspannten‘ by Nadine Funke – “A couple of weeks ago I flew to Munich/Germany and landed in a terminal where I haven’t been to before. I always look for new staircases, preferably spiral staircases, because every Friday it’s #staircasefriday in Instagram. I saw this staircase while walking to the exit door with my family and asked them if I could take some couple minutes to photograph the staircase and they agreed. Before I could get up I had to convince the waiter that I need to go up because the staircase was closed, but he agreed when I promised to be gone in a few minutes. I was trying to get to full staircase into the frame but I would have needed a wide angle lens for my iPhone 8. So I tried to get an interesting photo with just the natural camera and discovered the reflection. ”


Vertical Horizon‘ by Evelyne Sieber – “Low angle architecture shots are perfect for working on symmetry. This particular photo was taken in Hong Kong. The light and reflections of these office buildings are very attractive and the window cleaner sets a point of interest.

As with all architectural shots I edit any perspective issues in SKRWT. A slight increase in saturation and decrease in shadows both edited in Snapseed brought out the beautiful orange color of the buildings’ facade.”


Untitled‘ by Faed Moufti – “I was fast walking through the mezzanine floor of the Beach Center, a small shopping center in Dubai when I looked down, noticed the shot opportunity and used my iPhone to quickly take the shot, did a simple color correction, brightness and contrast using Snapseed on my iPhone 6+.”


Symmetry‘ by fayyangflying – “This is a corner of a roof in a hotel room. I liked the leading lines, symmetry and patterns very much. I feel they can pacify me. This photo was taken using an iPhone and edited with Snapseed.”


Untitled‘ by Mitchell Bell – “This image was captured on my regular visit to the Jersey Shore this summer where we live. The beach is my happy place to decompress from the fast pace life. I purposefully captured the tranquil and balance which is nature’s gift back to me each visit. iPhone 7+ coupled with the new Wide Moment Lens. Snapseed edit for last adjustments.”

New places and spaces

New places and spaces‘ by Jen Burnett – “This image was taken at the Irish Hunger Memorial, Battery Park West in Manhattan. For years I’ve been wanting to come here to take photos and was finally able to get here on my most recent trip to New York in September. The memorial has an interior passageway that – through an interesting light pattern in its design – makes for strong leading lines. The photo was taken less than 30 minutes before sunset which allowed for a great silhouette – and with the lights on – a strong visual perspective framing the subject. I used the native camera on my iPhone 7 and edited the image in VSCO. Typically I would have chosen to convert to black and white, but in the end that bit of late day sun reflecting on the ground to the right of the subject won me over.”

Coach is an old persons bag

Coach is an old persons bag‘ by jlm_cork – “As a graphic designer, I ask people constantly to re-evaluate what they are looking at, to not accept something that they are familiar with and ask questions of it, to challenge things as we see them. With this image, my challenge was to reinterpret the view that I have become familiar with, to create a new landscape using the reflection in a window to build the image but leaving in just enough details to reassure people that this isn’t simply a flipped/mirrored image.

From a process point of view, its shot on my iPhone7, then straight to Snapseed to correct the angles, tones and light, with some very light final amendments in Instagram.

The inspiration for the shot has come from a few sources, mostly from some of my “Instagram Heroes” (Brendan Ó Sé & Michael Kistler being two of the absolute standouts for me) and designers like Sagmeister and Alan Fletcher for forcing me to look at things harder.”

Prague, Lesser Town

Prague, Lesser Town‘ by Karina Wisz – “This image was taken with iPhone 7 using Hpstamatic application (my preffered photo tool) and gently processed with Snapseed. As streets are my favourite place to take photos, exploring new cities (this time it was Prague) I try to catch stories hidden in one blink of camera’s eye. This one is about 21st century: people are together but separately, are close but far, focused on virtual life to run away from the reality. And it is not possible to overcome this symmetry. We are all the same…”


Untitled‘ by Ludwig Wagner – “The photograph was shot with the Camera+ app on my iPhone6s+ on the 18th October 2017 and edited with Snapseed, although for a slight vignette and the removal of a few drifting feathers, the photograph is virtually unedited. These swans live on the pond of our local park where I take the dog for walks. I photograph them regularly, but never have I managed to catch them in such symmetry and unison.”

Life is…a Circle

Life is…a Circle‘ by Mohammed Muslim – “This Photo was randomly taken on my visit to the B. M. Birla Museum in Hyderabad, India in July 2017. This is right on the top of the entrance of the Museum. I loved the symmetry in the design and architecture of the structure and got this view when I looked up from my mobile and had to click it for sure.”

Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery‘ by Margaret Shaw – “I visited Manchester Art Gallery with friends and was really drawn to the glass extension, quickly racing back and waiting patiently until it was free of visitors. I’m a bit of a control freak, I like things to match, so the symmetry of the place really appeals. Of course I had to position myself centrally.

I love the tones and the way the glass and metal look together, the subtle reflections and the airiness of the space. The Antony Gormley sculpture just works so perfectly here.

Taken using my iPhone 7 Plus, it has very little editing, just slight tweaks to the colour.”

Rhombic facade

Rhombic facade‘ by Sergey – “I take my photos while going about my daily routine and of course in trips. I always try to find an interesting foreshortening, color and composition of familiar places and things. This facade attracted my attention with an interesting geometry and I decided that it would be nice to show its symmetry. I tried to fix some geometrical distortions in SKRWT. VSCO was used to correct the color. All my photos are made by means of a very budget Meizu M2. I can only dream about iPhone so far. Very glad that my shot is in the same collection with such excellent works.”

Look up

Look up‘ by Liz Anderson – “I was on a photo walk with my husband in San Francisco when I spotted this stunning building on Market Street that stopped me in my tracks. I loved the lines and curves and how it caught the light and reflections. I positioned myself close to the building and shot looking up.

It was such a grey day that I didn’t need to convert to black and white, but I did using Snapseed to remove a yellow cast and brighten the whites. I decided to add a slight blue tint with the warmth slider in tune image. I used SKWRT to crop, correct a minor perspective issue and fine tune the symmetry.”


Untitled‘ by vijaypalmanit

Lines from Copenhagen

Lines from Copenhagen‘ by Seb Gordon

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Remember, the theme of next week’s showcase is ‘Adventure’. Be sure to share your best smartphone photos that are inspired by the theme of adventure by using the #mobiography_challenge_4.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.

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