The theme of this week’s Mobiography Showcase Challenge is ‘Blue’ and boy did you guys deliver. Over the course of this past week the Mobiography community has been sharing their best ‘Blue’ themes photos on Instagram and here is just a small selection.

Featured photographers this week include: Ateesh Tankha, Chris_iphone, Mitchell Bell, itha_mar, Jen Pollack Bianco, Marta Spencer, Milton Montenegro, Mirna Mahyudin, Greg McMillan, Elaine Taylor, Anita Tejlgaard, Katie Wall, Chas Read, Jim Perdue, Eliza Badiou, Evelelyn Sieber, Yoni Mayeri, J. Cyr, Lydia Cassatt and Patricia Roosen.

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The theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘Symmetry’. Share your best smartphone symmetry inspired photos by using the hashtag #mobiography_challenge_3.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank‘ by Ateesh Tankha – “My Daughter and I were at the SEA Aquarium at Singapore on the Diwali holiday. The aquarium is truly spectacular with a number of great exhibits. But being a holiday it was very crowded. So we tried one hall after another till we entered a tunnel that wound its way through the shark tank. There were only two other people there with us and this made it quite spooky: four of us and some 25 sharks of different shapes and sizes. What stood out for me was the cold blue feel of water, the smooth movements of the fish and the silence that was all pervading. It was like we were all trapped, fish and humans, in a slow, rotating, blue vacuum.

I used my iPhone 7 Plus to frame the shot, getting as close to the glass ceiling as I could in order to minimise the curvature and provide a more linear pattern resembling swim lanes. Later I processed gently in VSCO, adding contrast, clarity and coolness to taste.”

Blue Palette, Clapham, London 2017

Blue Palette, Clapham, London 2017‘ by Chris_iphone – “The image was processed with my go to app Snapseed and tweaked in Instagram, the colours are how they were when photographed.

The way I work with the iPhone is guided by my random curious exploratory nature and I react intuitively to whatever I come across. Although not working on a project as yet, I hope the images I post highlight my search for deeper meaning through capturing what I create and see.”

Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer‘ by Mitchell Bell – “This image was captured during my visit to the Canadian Rockies end of this Summer on my new iPhone 8+ coupled with the new Wide Moment Lens. I purposefully used the Human element viewer to enhanced the majestic scenery. Some minor adjustments in Snapseed yielding the final image.”

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall‘ by itha_mar – “I took this picture when I attended to a concert of one of my favorite singers at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Ángeles, Ca. I immediately got captivated by the architecture and beauty of the building, its lines and curves. I used my iPhone 6s and the new wide angle lens from Photojojo and I edited it using the Lightroom app.

Windy hair don’t care

Windy hair don’t care‘ by Jen Pollack Bianco – “I took this shot on the Greek island of Mykonos, which is famous for it’s iconic blue doors and the Aegean blue of the sea. Anastasia Chernykh, who is the Social Media Manager for my travel blog My Life’s a Trip, was with me. We were walking through Mykonos town when we stumbled upon this gorgeous blue door that captured the afternoon sun particularly well. I really liked the way the red dress she was wearing contrasted with the blue door and we took a few photos here. The wind really picked up. Mykonos is known as the “Island of the winds” for good reason! I took a few steps back and shot a series of images of Anastasia in the wind. This one is my favorite because it feels playful, almost like an album cover, and the blue door and wind in her hair really give a sense of place. It feels like a travel photo and an editorial fashion photo at the same time.

I shot this image on my iPhone 8 Plus, using the native camera. It is not processed.”

So, my sweetie and I are playing hide and seek. Can you please help me find him?

So, my sweetie and I are playing hide and seek. Can you please help me find him?‘ by Marta Spencer – “I live in Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes. It is also the land of 10,000 shades of the color beige. It’s boring, and neutral. I see it everywhere. It’s the color of my house, apartment buildings, schools, office buildings, and even the hospital where I work.

When my boyfriend told me he was going to paint his garage, I assumed it would match the neutral color of his house. To my surprise, he said he wanted a bright color. I am partial to blue, so I was over the moon excited when he decided on the color Mediterranean blue.

One day, I noticed my boyfriend’s shirt matched the color of his garage. We had a good laugh about it then I asked him to pose next to the wall. We both giggled the whole time because it was so silly. He is such a good sport when it comes to some of my crazy ideas while composing a photo.

I shot this photo and edited it with my iPhone 7 Plus. I then used a slight edit with an Instagram filter.”


Untitled‘ by Milton Montenegro – “A few years ago I made a long-awaited trip with my two sons to La Parva, a ski resort in Chile. While the boys snowboarded, I strolled through the small village and made pictures with an iPhone 5S. At that time I was testing a beta version of @thecoolcam, a photo editing app I developed along with photographer Marcia Ramalho and programmer Martial Boudinet. Mirroring, which is accomplished by one of the app’s filters, is a very simple effect that ends up with unexpected results and is one of my favourite editing tools. “


B L U E‘ by Mirna Mahyudin – “I took this photo on my first visit to Kuwait City. Kuwait Towers is a group of three slender towers with blue spheres. I really like this Tower design. I took many pictures from different angles. This photo was taken just before entering the Tower. I stood right under the Tower and looked up, The big blue spheres with the blue sky looked lovely.  Bye the way, the Kuwait city view from the Viewing Sphere at 120th floor is also lovely.

Heathcliff and Gertrude

Heathcliff and Gertrude‘ by Greg McMillan – “There really isn’t much of a story behind this image other than to say that the scene just caught my eye. I was picking up a pizza and when I got into the car, I looked up on the roof a the church next to the pizza place and these two seagulls were standing there enjoying the sunshine. The simplicity and serenity of the scene just struck me and what stands out more to me in the photo is the fact that there are no clouds, no jet trails, nothing, in the sky. Just pure blue. The photo is totally unedited. I took it from the car window with my iPhone 8 Plus using the Telephoto lens. I was fortunate to be in a position where I got the roof line straight across the frame and didn’t have any distortion.”

Billy & Charlie, waiting to jet ski. They can’t get enough of the water

Billy & Charlie, waiting to jet ski. They can’t get enough of the water‘ by Elaine Taylor – “I took this shot of my boys, Billy and Charlie, with my iPhone 7 plus through the Hipstamatic app (Beard/Irom 2000).

I took it on day 219 for my Hipstamatic 365 project. We were on holiday in Rhodes, during which the boys spent much of their time in water. Here they were playing in the sea while they waited for their turn to jet ski. As my iPhone7plus was apparently ‘splash and water resistant’, I felt a bit more confident venturing a little further into the water than I would have done with my iPhone 6. I crouched down as far as I dared and was happy that I got this shot quickly (and that my phoned stayed dry).”


Skywalker‘ by Anita Tejlgaard – “My favourite subject is urban life especially when the singular human is contrasted by the structures of the city. I like it when my photos have just a touch of the surreal and so the structure here was cropped in a way to make the photo seem a bit abstract. This photo possess all these elements that I like – with a silhouetted figures caught in a glass and steel walkway between two buildings. The photo is shot outside the Danish Ministry of Taxation in Copenhagen adding further contrast, even paradox, as the photo itself comes off quite poetic and dreamy. Editing it it was important for me that the very blue sky and white clouds – both in the background and reflected in the glass of the walkway – came out clearly.

I used the app Snapseed mostly for line correction and the selective button to darken the silhouette and the frame. The sky and clouds were enhanced a bit by added contrast, structure and a bit of saturation to those parts. Finally I added a bit of fade to finish the dreamy look. Shot on iPhone 7+ Native camera.”

Cliche but hey… Classic

Cliche but hey… Classic‘ by Katie Wall – “It was shot on iPhone 6 and actually didn’t need very much editing other than a little contrast correction, as I was blessed with a particularly bright day. My son and I were exploring Brighton while on a day out at Brighton university Open Day and as we walked back along the beach past the old pier, we came across these just-vacated deck chairs and I loved the way they complimented the huge blue sky. A simple image but it kinda sums up our lovely afternoon.”

lost in thought process

lost in thought process‘ by Chas Read – “This image was shot with my iPhone 5s and processed in Snapseed. It was the preview opening weekend of the new Whitney Museum (architect: Renzo Piano), and artwatchers were exploring every sunlit corner of the museum’s expansive spaces. Here, on the fifth floor, one museum goer took a moment to gaze out across the Hudson River on Manhattan’s west side. It felt… blue – so I took this edit of this naturally monochromatic image to extremes of color.”


Untitled‘ by Jim Perdue – “The photo is another in my ongoing Jellyfish study. Having an aquarium in my neighborhood gives me an excellent opportunity for mobile photography as I continually attempt to capture images of these elusive creatures.

The shot was taken with my iPhone 7, and edited with Mextures app.”


Untitled‘ by Eliza Badiou

The sky is not the limit. Your mind is.

The sky is not the limit. Your mind is‘ by Evelelyn Sieber – “I shot this picture at the residential estate where I live in Hong Kong. Urban geometry combined with a clear blue sky always produces striking images. Correcting a minor perspective issue in SKRWT, reducing shadows and increasing saturation in snapseed completed the editing process.”

Tourist Taxi

Tourist Taxi‘ by Yoni Mayeri – “I was wandering around alone at the wharf in San Diego one evening after visiting my son at UCSD. This fun taxi driver kept passing by; he was hard to miss as he had his bicycle taxi decorated with colorful lights and had music blaring from the vehicle. I captured him going by with ProCamera and edited the image in Photoshop Express, then added additional effects in Lenslight. “

That unexpected blue snowflake, in the urban desert streetscape on this summer morning…

That unexpected blue snowflake, in the urban desert streetscape on this summer morning…‘ by J. Cyr

Bagaduce fog

Bagaduce fog‘ by Lydia Cassatt


Untitled‘ by Patricia Roosen – “I took this picture early in the morning, around 8am. We were on our way home from our vacation in France and had driven all night! We were so tired that we had to stop and decided to drive to Dieppe for coffee, croissants, the beach, chalk rocks and pictures, before continuing our journey to the Netherlands.

The beach was deserted and beautifully beautiful, then I saw a path of these amazing beams! I also photographed them without my feet but I would like to show how big the beams were! By photographing my feet, the size and the roughness of the beams became very clearly!

The photo is taken using an iPhone 7+ and the app, Hipstamatic! I’m in love with this app and rarely use anything else because of the different films, lenses and flashes there are so many possibilities and combinations! It was one of my first photo apps that I bought with my very first iPhone 3G and I’m still taking almost all of my photos with Hipstamatic!

This picture is a combination of: Lens: Tinto 1884; Film: Robusta; Flash: Triple Crown”

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Remember, the theme of next week’s showcase is ‘Symmetry’. Share your best smartphone symmetry inspired photos by using the hashtag #mobiography_challenge_3.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.

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