The theme of this week’s showcase challenge was ‘Winter-Time’ which was inspired by a spell of wintery weather here in the UK. The photos submitted this week illustrate how different photographers have approached this subject. Some have captured aspects of the festive season, and others have been inspired by fresh snow falls in the countryside as well as the city. Several photographers have used macro photography or close cropping to capture snowflakes, flowers and frost.

Featured photographers this week include: Aco Konikoni, @agnesnoyer, Eliza Moreland, @jborrasjorge, @jilllian2, @joshauck, Joy Bisesi, Karen Offerein, Kim Trecfer, Kristen Toth, Marta Spencer, Liz Anderson, Elaine Taylor, svo.maryana, Ava Syara, and Clare Vattev.

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The next showcase challenge will be posted on Christmas Eve and will be the last one for 2017. The theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘The photo you are most proud of from 2017’.  So start sharing your best smartphone photographs that you are proud of by using the #mobiography_challenge_11.

The best ones will be featured our Christmas Eve showcase, so get sharing now.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ by Aco Konikoni – “This Christmas tree is decorated by Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Japan. It has been cerified in the Guinness World Records as the “Most lights on an artificial Christmas tree”. In order to take this gorgeous tree, decorated with  570,000 electric decorations more beautiful, I processed it with the colorsplash app. I feel happy if people all over the world watch this beautiful Christmas tree. I used my iPhone 7 and wide angle lens (tokyo grapher ZD Pro).”

What is sparkling more? The decoration or the eyes of a child looking at it?

What is sparkling more? The decoration or the eyes of a child looking at it?‘ by @agnesnoyer

The Boat

The Boat‘ by Eliza Moreland – “I took this on the first snowy day (and possibly our last) at The Community Farm in Chew Valley, Bristol. The boat is an installation for Valley Fest, a festival held there every summer. It interested me to see a boat in a field especially as what you can’t see in the picture is the huge Chew Valley lake deep in the vallley behind – much more of a natural home. The boat is stranded like a beached whale and this is reflected in the graffiti on the side of the boat. It sits in the field waiting for the warm days of summer to return when it can once again float on the sea of laughter and joy of the festival.

I edited the image lightly in Snapseed, structure, sharpening and brightness mostly and it was taken on my iPhone 6. “


Untitled‘ by @jborrasjorge

Delicate balance

Delicate balance‘ by @jilllian2 – “This was the first real snow of this season. It was taken at my home in Upstate New York. I used an iPhone 7 Plus with an olloclip macro attachment. I find shooting snowflakes on scarves to be the best way to capture them. The fibers lift the snowflake up enough to let some light pass through it.

The only edit is a crop with the native iPhone camera app.”

Morning Coffee Thaw

Morning Coffee Thaw‘ by @joshauck

Alien Crystal

Alien Crystal‘ by Joy Bisesi – “It was our first real taste of winter here in NC. A bit of snow, a bit more sleet. I was out early the next morning with my iPhone 7 Plus to try out my new Z-Prime macro lens. The sun was out, and I wanted to see what shots I could get before the ice melted away. The early morning sunlight through the ice crystals on the pink muhly grass was beautiful. This was my favorite shot. Through the macro lens, this tiny frozen water droplet looked otherworldly. Alien. Ethereal. And no filter, no post-processing needed.”


Untitled‘ by Karen Offerein – “Because of a snowstorm this monday I decided to walk home from work instead of riding my bicycle.  It’s a two hour walk. I took the picture when I was almost home. For me, it captures that evening in Amsterdam perfectly. The bicycles covered in snow, the typical Amsterdam streetlight illuminating the falling snow and one man still riding his bike.

I used VSCO cam to edit the photo just a little bit. “

First Snow

First Snow‘ by Kim Trecfer – “I love getting out in the snow to take photos especially since the cold keeps most people away!  This was the first snow of the season on Long Island where I live and it was taken at a beautiful arboretum close by. I saw this lovely row of snow covered trees and snapped away. It was taken with my  iPhone X. I used Snapseed for some minor post processing edits and Distressedfx to give the sky some texture. “

Germany is the most perfect place for the Christmas season

Germany is the most perfect place for the Christmas season‘ by Kristen Toth – “We are an American military family living in Stuttgart, Germany. My four children attend German schools and we try to participate in the local traditions. One tradition we love is St. Nikolaus day, on December 6. We went on a special “Nikolausfahrt” of the Schwäbische Alb Bahn, which runs a short length of track in the countryside near Stuttgart.

For three weekends in December they offer a Nikolausfahrt, on which St. Nikolaus visits each child on the train and presents him or her with a present. We rode the train on December 10, which was a particularly snowy day with an intense snow storm happening during our 2-hour ride.

This photo was taken before the steam engine, dating from 1910, left the station at 10:30. St. Nick was at the front of the train to greet children. I noticed the beauty and depth of the steam as well as the red of the train that was echoed the color on St. Nikolaus’s coat.

The photograph was taken on a iPhone SE and edited in the SnapSeed App. To edit the photo, I cropped in a little from the original to omit a handrail in the foreground. I applied the “portrait” filter, then an HDR Scape filter at a very low setting to include some more highlight details in the steam. ThenI  bumped up the contrast by a third on the  high, mid and low tones. Finally, I nudged down the brightness slightly, increased the overall contrast and saturation by 6 and 9 points, respectively. The last step in this image was to expand the canvas to give the image a small white frame.”

The Swinging Bridge

The Swinging Bridge‘ by Marta Spencer – “Winter in Minnesota. There’s a lot to dislike about it. It gets cold here. Bitterly cold. I don’t like winter. I LOVE it.

There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh blanket of snow. It’s clean, white, and quiet.

My boyfriend and I took a short road trip up north and stopped at a State Park to wander around. We came across this wonderful suspension bridge. The river below wasn’t yet frozen solid.

There were no other people around, so we had to the bridge to ourselves. The river was pretty loud so it was hard for my boyfriend to hear me tell him to stop walking. I used the burst mode so he could continue across the bridge. His red jacket was the perfect pop of color right in the middle of the shot.

Shot with an iPhone 7+. Edited in iPhone first, then with the Amaro filter in Instagram.”

Daybreak in Tahoe

Daybreak in Tahoe‘ by Liz Anderson – “This image was taken at dawn on my birthday when it was 1 degree F in Truckee, California. It had been snowing heavily for three days and this was the first time I ventured out of our house after the storm. The sunlight was magical and catching on all the new snow and the fog in the valley. I added a touch of warmth in Snapseed.”

Lovely winter walk on Otley Chevin

Lovely winter walk on Otley Chevin‘ by Elaine Taylor – “I took this during a lovely but very cold walk on Otley Chevin, Yorkshire UK.

The image features my family and two very close friends. I took quite a few photos of them as they wandered and chatted. I loved how the colours of their clothing popped against the snowy white background. The photo was shot and edited on my iPhone7plus using the Hipstamatic app (Beard / Irom 2000).”


Untitled‘ by svo.maryana – “This photo is taken on my iPhone 6s, on my way home in Kiev. It had been raining all day and in the evening thisnturned to snow. My daughter and I tried to catch snowflakes in our mouths. It looked very beautiful as the snowflakes fell from the sky in the light of the street lights, even through the tunnel of this ladder which I photographed. I used photshop Express to edit the image.”


Untitled‘ by Ava Syara

Winter sunshine – memories of a beautiful day

Winter sunshine – memories of a beautiful day‘ by Clare Vattev – “This image was taken in the hills surrounding Innerleithen, Scotland, during a short break at the end of winter 2013.

Unexpectedly, heavy snow had fallen making it difficult to get there but once there, the area was clothed in that soft snow that muffles sound and cocoons you with the feeling of being the only people in the world. A break in the snowfall and a walk in the surrounding forest and fields brought us to a small knoll with these trees half clothed in snow. The low winter sun was behind us casting long shadows whilst the trees stood out crisply against the sky. I liked the way the snow effortlessly clung to the trees all the way to the top whilst the leeward side was naked. I feel the clustering of the trees have a hint of leading lines and take the eye to seek out what is beyond and ultimately over the hill. There was so much white that it should have been flat and dull but the reality was sharp and intense with light and contrasts.

I took this photo with my iPhone 5, taken and edited in Camera+. I increased the clarity, and cropped it slightly to accommodate it on Instagram.”

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The next showcase challenge will be posted on Christmas Eve and will be the last one for 2017. The theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘The photo you are most proud of from 2017’.  So start sharing your best smartphone photographs that you are proud of by using the #mobiography_challenge_11.

The best ones will be featured our Christmas Eve showcase, so get sharing now.

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