The theme of this weeks showcase of mobile photography is the color green. Color’s can mean different things to different people and can be used in creatively to enhance a photo and add interest to it. The photos included in this weeks selection illustrate how the featured photographers have used green, whether it be a conscious decision or a happy accident. Some of the photos feature the color as a sutble tint, whilst others have used it to compliment the surrounding colors.

Featured photographers this week include: hipstanitaelle, idieuwke, ilikeanteaters, jilllian2, Michael Kistler, Mrvhooo, cataguerreiro, Shubham Jangra, Ulla Gmeiner, and unremarkable_light.

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Take part in next week’s showcase challenge

Next week I will be trying something different for the weekly showcase. Normally I decide the theme of the showcase based on what I see in the #mobiography Instagram feed. Today though, I have decided to set you guys a challenge to see what you can come up with.

The theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘Autumn’. Share your best autumnal photos using the hashtag #mobiography_challenge_1.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.

Three-way tie for last

Three-way tie for last‘ by Michael Kistler – “I shot this on my iPhone 7 at one of my favourite spots in Tokyo during a recent trip back. This tunnel has great back light and also a constant stream of people passing through. I waited until I had people spaced out at good intervals and then snapped. I edited the image in Snapseed, increasing ambience and contrast with a little straightening as well.”


Untitled‘ by hipstanitaelle – “I am Anita Elle, I am in love with the app, Hipstamatic. I have used it since 2012 and this photo is an example of the potential of Hipstamatic. I shot this scene in the parisian subway. I was impressed by the wall so waited for the best moment to shoot. This man was in a hurry with his luggage, it was the perfect moment for me. ”

Distant Mist

Distant Mist‘ by idieuwke – “I shot this image on a foggy morning, walking the dogs. I used the native camera on my iPhone 7+ and edited in Snapseed, accentuated the mist in LensDistortions and added some mood in Mextures and Stackables. And lastly gave it a little punch with Foodie.”


Untitled‘ by ilikeanteaters – “I was on a local walk when I saw this cow standing part from the rest of the herd. I liked her face and thought she deserved a photo. The cow was very patient, but a little surprised when I went down on one knee so that I could put her in silhouette against the sky. She’s been featured on a couple of Instagram groups now so I hope that fame doesn’t go to her head and that she doesn’t demand modelling fees next time!

The photo was taken on an iPhone 7. I used a VSCO filter to bring out the greens and lower the warmth a little. I then edited in Snapseed to give the sky depth, colour and softness. Some stray grass was removed in Touch Retouch.”

In my own little world

In my own little world‘ by jilllian2 – “This photo was taken on a beautiful fall morning, in a field in Upstate New York. I shot this with my iPhone 7 Plus and used an olloclip macro attachment. The only edits to this photo are a slight crop to make the photo square. ”


Untitled‘ by Mrvhooo – “There’s not much of a story behind my photo. I just wanted to mention how funny it is that you picked it because of the green color of the peppers, but the color is wrong! They are cayenne peppers which suppose to be red. This year though the temperature dropped a little early which kind of “doomed” the peppers to stay bright green. They maybe the wrong color but they still remain hot! ”

A Typical Portrait

A Typical Portrait‘ by Shubham Jangra – “My Inspiration for this photo? I love insects. They are just amazing. The best creature in the world without them the environment would collapse into chaos.”


Untitled‘ by unremarkable_light – “This picture was taken at the Ashmoleum Museum in Oxford. The stairs here are great, angled, curves, and the glass reflects light from the skylights above, so they change as the sun moves during the day. I always call in whenever passing, just to see if there’s an angle I haven’t seen before, or the light is particularly interesting. On this particular occasion, I had to squeeze behind a hoarding in order the get the landing balustrade in.”


‘Metamorphosis’ by Ulla Gmeiner “The photo is from my 365 days project “Metamorphosis”. This green one is about a sort of Circle of Life Theme: Struggle and sometimes changing the direction… All done with different apps and many many layers. The most important App is icolorama.”


Solitude‘ by cataguerreiro

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Don’t forget…

The theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘Autumn’. Share your best autumnal photos using the hashtag #mobiography_challenge_1.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.