The theme for this week’s showcase of mobile photography is photos that use blur. Last week, I spoke about blur in the ‘4 Simple Ways to Fix Blurry iPhone Photos‘. In that article I mentioned that unwanted blur was something that could ruin a photo, but if you are deliberate and thoughtful about utilising blur, then you can create some creative and stunning effects as this week’s selection of photography illustrates. Whether you take advantage of depth of field blur as Christine Mignon and Claire Taylor have done or whether you make use of motion blur as @thephoneytog and @alopezc72 have done. Blur is something that can create some captivating imagery.

Featured photographers this week include: @thephoneytog, @alopezc72, Christine Mignon, Clare Taylor, Karen Axelrad, @johnqueirozz, Kristiina Hakovirta, Eric Herrera, Siegfried Ferlin and Zaki.

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Untitled‘ by @thephoneytog – “I’ve been a photographer for about 14 years or so but only a mobile photographer since September 2016. I often do long exposures in my landscape work, often up to 45 minute exposures and wanted to see if it was possible with the iPhone. Eventually, I found an app called LongExpo and after a couple of test shots on my garden pond with my phone mounted on my tripod, I visited a local waterfall called Goit Stock, near Bingley. Having set up the shot with my phone on the tripod I opened up the LongExpo app and set the exposure to 30 seconds and used a remote shutter release via Bluetooth. I opened the image in Snapseed to adjust the contrast a little and sharpened it a little, other than that it’s as it was shot.”

F e l i c i d a d

F e l i c i d a d‘ by @alopezc72 – “This photo was taken during my kids’ bath time. They are 3 and 8 years old and use to bath them together. They enjoy this time and usually we end laughing and all the bathroom wet after some water splashing. This day I improvised a quick shooting looking for blurred portraits (taking advantage of the low light of the bathroom I knew that the native camera of the iPhone would slow automatically the shutter) and capture the happy moment. This one is my younger son at the moment of drying.”


Untitled‘ by Christine Mignon – “I found a dead dragonfly in the street and I carefully carried it home, trying not to break the fragile wings. I shot the photo with my iPhone 6S, using my Olloclip and the Hipstamatic app, which allows you to edit the picture with filters. The blur on the delicate pattern of the wings is created by the angle of the zoom. The Hipstamatic filter that I used was Stavros, Love81 and TripleCrown.”


Untitled‘ by Clare Taylor – “I’d walked past these flowers on my way to work for about two weeks before deciding to take a photo. I liked the shape and snowy white of the buds rather than the flowers. I used my Olloclip macro lens to isolate the bud and shot with Hipstamatic. I later played a little with the definition, clarity and exposure features within the same app until I got what I wanted. I love the Olloclip because of the detail you can capture with it, but I’ve also been learning to ‘embrace the blur’. After complaining to a friend about not getting the sharpness in an image that I was striving for, she told me that ‘clarity’ was overrated and that ‘blur’ was much more interesting. Not totally convinced that’s true but I like the sentiment.”


Hola‘ by Karen Axelrad – “I took this photo in Madrid while quickly passing by. When I saw that it was blurred, I took a second sharp photo. But I decided that the quality of the evening light with the yellow doors framing the men was reason to use the blurred photo. I processed it first with Snapseed making basic adjustments and cropping, then in iColorama to slightly intensify he colors and lines. I used a little Distressedfx, overlayed it with the IColorama treatment, and then added more texture with Mextures and merged that in Superimpose with the previous treatment. The intended result was a lightly textured treatment that emphasized the movements of the men framed with the intense Spanish evening light.”

Aquele clima que você deseja todos os dias!

Aquele clima que você deseja todos os dias!‘ by @johnqueirozz

A clover in rain

A clover in rain‘ by Kristiina Hakovirta

Framing around

Framing around‘ by Eric Herrera

In front of a shop window

In front of a shop window‘ by Siegfried Ferlin


Untitled‘ by Zaki

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