This week’s showcase of mobile photography highlights 10 beautiful images that demonstrate how elements of vibrant colour have been used within a composition in order to focus and frame the viewers eye onto a subject. From Elaine Taylor’s brightly colourful portrait to aco.konikoni’s minimal composition that makes use of isolated red objects, all photos this week show how different photographers have approached the use of colour within their photos.

Featured photographers this week include: aco.konikoni, Evelyn Sieber, Faed Moufti, idieuwke, @Laz_images, @mashishane83, Tommy Wallace, Clifford Pickett, and Ines Cruz.

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Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony‘ by aco.konikoni – “I’m taking photos with my iPhone 7. This is Wakayama Museum of Modern Art, Japan. The scene is of the Japanese traditional tea ceremony (called Sado), there are Red Japanese umbrellas and red carpets on the chairs. They are very beautiful. A woman in kimono passed through it…
This picture emphasizes the impressive red and a woman in kimono. Using color splash app.”

Small Steps Every Day

Small Steps Every Day‘ by Evelyn Sieber – “While waiting for a friend I noticed these yellow stairs and people going up and down added the interesting human element to it. I’m fond of the yellow and blue color combination so when this man in blue jeans walked up the stairs I knew I had the shot I was looking for. Cropping to square format, a bit of straightening and slight increase in saturation were all the edits needed.”

The coverup collection

The coverup collection‘ by Faed Moufti – “This shot was taken yesterday with my iPhone 6+ while workers were covering the stairs with plastic sheet for a duct cleanup. I took a close shot at a lower angle in order not to show the steps surface, and used Snapseed for color correction and enhancement. “

365/259 portrait

365/259 portrait‘ by idieuwke – “I shot this image among many more during a phoneography workshop given by Nico Brons at the Phonographer Studio here in the Netherlands. I processed the image in Snapseed and Leonardo. I wanted a painterly effect for this image and continued in Repix and iColorama, adding texture and mood with Stackables.”

Just a yellow circle

Just a yellow circle‘ by @Laz_images – “I’m trying to use my Instagram feed in some sort of patterned way to make it a little more artsy on its own. I wish I could have the type of feed that all looks the same, but I think I’m more A.D.D. then OCD. I enjoy trying different apps and techniques so it’s very hard to get that consistency that I see other photographers have. So I’ve challenged myself to be more aware of what my Instagram feed looks like in general. As far as the yellow circle picture I noticed it at the Gym on the ceiling. I liked the yellow circle and the square tiles leading out from the circle. I took the photo with my iPhone 7 edited with Snapseed pushing the saturation up some and Instagram Hudson filter”

“The only way to do great work is love what you do”

The only way to do great work is love what you do‘ by @mashishane83 – “The photo with the vintage bag was taken at work. I am a physican and I was on my way to a house call. I use this vintage bag to put my work utensils, stethoscpose etc. in.”

Aqua Shadows

Aqua Shadows‘ by Tommy Wallace – “Many towns in Arkansas are starting to renovate their downtown areas. This often means that alley ways are also spruced up with vibrant colors. A visit to a neighboring town gave me the opportunity to wonder behind some stores to find this.

I love the bold aqua green and the shadows thrown against it by the late morning sun. Shot with my Galaxy S6 edge +, I cropped some distracting items out of the frame in Snapseed. I also adjusted slightly in Snapseed before adding a filter in VSCO.”

Charlie. Growing up fast (and beautifully)

Charlie. Growing up fast (and beautifully)‘ by Elaine Taylor – “The image was shot and edited through Hipstamatic (Beard/Rijks) using my iPhone7plus.

This is my oldest son, Charlie. I’d just picked him up from his Saturday Music School session. As we walked to the car, chatting about his morning, I’d noticed this fabulous turquoise wall ahead and thought it would be a great background for a portrait of Charlie in his mustard yellow jacket. I steered him in its direction and then persuaded him to pose for this photo, commenting on how fabulous I thought the blue and yellow would look together. Charlie liked the result.”


Untitled‘ by Clifford Pickett


Paço‘ by Ines Cruz

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