In last week’s showcase of mobile photography we looked at 10 beautiful black and white photos. So this week I thought it would be good to look at 10 stunningly colourful photos to contrast those featured last week. Colour can be used to bring interest and vibrance to an image. The featured photos this week all use colour in a different way. From Ann Hecht’s use of the golden hour to capture an amazing sunrise to Steven Hesketh’s use of colour to frame and contrast against the subject.

Featured photographers this week include: Ann Hecht, Evelyne Sieber, Jill Lian, Tommy Wallace, Steven Hesketh, Emanuele Iazzolino, Seamus Smyth, Rus Selmour, @so.asa and @fotopawelolsztyn.

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Just myself and a seagull… this morning

Just myself and a seagull… this morning‘ by Ann Hecht – “This was yesterday’s walk. The colours changed really fast from dark blue with bright pink to this. There were no other people on the beach so I had to try to get the seagull into the picture. Our seagulls don’t come very close.

Not much editing. Slight adjustments using Instagram edits to bring out the seagull and it’s reflection. It would be great if the seagull was tamer and closer.”


Untitled‘ by Evelyne Sieber – “I took this picture last week in Bangkok with my iPhone 7plus. It shows the exterior of a sales office for a new residential building in Bangkok. The Starck inspired form and fascinating color stopped me in my tracks. The low angle view also shows the interesting cloud formations and the contrast of urban and nature. A very slight edit in Snapseed (increase contrast and saturation) was all the image needed.”


Ornaments‘ by Jill Lian – “This photo was taken at my home, in Upstate New York. I went outside very early in the morning, at first light, to search for dewdrops on the plants. This time it was a couple blades of grass refracting the flower in the background.

Regarding the edit, I used Mextures to crop the photo and sharpen the color a bit. I am a big fan of vibrant, happy colors. I also used a Ztylus macro lens on my iPhone 7 Plus.”

Coming full circle

Coming full circle‘ by Tommy Wallace – “While traveling on a recent vacation we had to stop at a local department store for supplies. When I came out of the store I found my daughter relaxing on this large concrete circle. I grabbed my smartphone and snapped the photo. Some minimal editing in Adobe Mobile Lightroom, Snapseed, and VSCO gave me this portrait. Most of my best portraits of Liberty are natural or staged by her. “

Ted in action

Ted in action‘ by Steven Hesketh – “The image was taken on Burano in Venice. Shot on an iPhone 5s and edited using Snapseed I boosted the contrast slightly and added a frame.  A little bit about the idea behind the image my wife and I were try to collect a series of identical portraits on different coloured walls.”

Les rouges

Les rouges‘ by @so.asa – “This photo was taken one summer afternoon, in a small alley of a small Mediterranean town, in Corsica. It was at a time when the sun was crushing against that flaming red facade. This woman appeared, she called to another woman a few metres away. A great discussion ensued between them, while in motion, as these Mediterranean’s shared their secrets. I shot in bursts with my IPhone 7 Plus. The editing was done with Snapseed, in the street, as I do most often.”

{La salsedine. Il vento. Gli ombrelloni}

{La salsedine. Il vento. Gli ombrelloni}‘ by Emanuele Iazzolino

The One

The One‘ by Seamus Smyth


Untitled‘ by Rus Selmour


Warmia‘ by @fotopawelolsztyn

Do You Have a Favourite?

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