This week’s showcase of mobile photography features 10 beautiful black and white photographs that were all taken and edited using a smartphone. There is a timeless quality about black and white photos. By its nature it strips all colour from a scene and presents it in a simple manner. The photos featured this week all illustrate how black and white photography can be used to great effect.

Featured photographers this week include: Gunsel, Leigh Darilek, Lloyd Fox, Rui Pedro, Andrew Lucchesi, Vassilis Mathioudakis, Mariusz Guca, George Koutsouvelis, Mark Fearnley and @jorgeolaveriveros.

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Annesinin mele?i 2017

Annesinin mele?i 2017‘ by Gunsel – “This is a photo of a friends, 1 year old baby. Her name is Gökçe. My friend visited one day and when I saw how much love the mother had for child I couldn’t resist taking a photo.


When the stairs to your Airbnb make you feel like you’re Alice and Wonderland is real and it’s in Reims, France

When the stairs to your airbnb make you feel like you’re Alice and Wonderland is real and it’s in Reims, France‘ by Leigh Darilek –In June I was on vacation in Europe with a stop in Reims, France. This was my first time to try out Air BnB’s and this particular flat was located in a super beautiful location near the Notre Dame. As soon as I walked into the building, the bottom of the staircase made my jaw drop with it’s art nouveau-ish whimsical feel, and I was on the top floor, so I knew looking down would be a spectacular view. I always love seeing others’ images of staircases, but I’ve never been fortunate enough to have the opportunity, and here it was. This amazing and unique architecture. The contrast of the metal and wood. It all just spoke to me. 

Mucha is one of my favorite artists and I felt his hand and inspiration throughout the building.

I held my iPhone as tight as I could, and reached out as far as I could out into the middle while trying not to let my feet or body show in the image – so I got super lucky with this I think! 

I took the photo with my iPhone 7+, and edited it on my phone with Lightroom Mobile only for this shot. I debated between black and white or color because of the contrast of the wood and metal look, but ultimately preferred the black and white version because of the contrast and shadows and light.

Ocean City, MD

Ocean City, MD‘ by Lloyd Fox – This photo was taken in Ocean City, Maryland while I was on vacation with my family.  The boardwalk at the beach has a long fishing pier and after we took a few family pix on the pier, I thought it would be fun to shoot under it.  There are dozens of massive pilings underneath that help support the pier which I thought had the potential for something cool.  I recruited my daughter to be my model for the picture.  She was a sport and we both got a little wetter than we expected.  I edited the image with the Snapseed app.


.move, travel, live.

.move, travel, live.‘ by Rui Pedro – “This photo was taken in the main Porto’s train station in Portugal. 

The spot where the photo was taken is a tunnel underneath the train lines. I was shooting at the light end of the tunnel, trying to catch a person walking to the light, when suddenly a train arrived and people started to cross in front of me. I kept shooting until I had an image with various people in it… Various crossing stories.

July Sky VII

July Sky VII‘ by Andrew Lucchesi – My son goes horseback riding several times a week. The stables are pretty far outside of town, and the landscape there is open and flat. He usually rides a couple of hours before sunset and the light is very nice at that time. Given the wide-open spaces and beautiful light, I take a lot of sky photos. In this photo, I liked the interaction between the clouds and the horizon. I took the photo with an iPhone 6 Plus using the Contrast By Hornbeck app. I lightened the photo a bit using the ACDSee app. Then I removed a couple of distracting details using Touch Retouch.


Octopus‘ by Vassilis Mathioudakis – This photo was taken during my summer holidays in Gavdos. We try to live by natural cooking with wood, fishing, collecting water etc. trying to be simple and respect nature. On this day a good friend of mine went for fishing and caught the octopus which we cooked with wine. 


Untitled‘ by Mariusz Guca – This photo was taken pretty randomly. I was encouraged by my friend to start taking photos with my mobile phone so I asked him to pose to add something more to this interesting view. I chose this staircase at the Institute of Romance Studies in Kraków, Poland, because there is plenty of photos taken in this place but none of them from this perspective what makes this picture quite unique. Additionally, I decided to convert it to black and white to make the photo more mysterious. 

Man and stork

Man and stork‘ by George Koutsouvelis – The stork of course is a piece of graffiti which somehow attracted my attention, especially becasue of its ‘sad, tired eyes’. I framed the scene and waited for the right person to fill it. I took several pictures with different people but kept this one because I saw a kind of ‘conversation’ between the man and the bird (do you think he has the same tired, sad expression too?)

The picture taken with hipstamatic classic camera and Lowy + Blackeys Supergrain combo. No further editing.


Shanghai‘ by Mark Fearnley

r e v e r s i d e

r e v e r s i d e‘ by @jorgeolaveriveros

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