The subject of this week’s showcase of mobile photography highlights 10 beautiful photos of animals that were all taken and edited using a smartphone. This series of images illustrates how you don’t just have to take people portraits in order to convey the personality of the subject, animals also make perfect subjects for portraiture photography. Whether you are capturing your pet dog, a cat in the street, fish on a market stall or a macro image of an insect, animals are everywhere and make ideal subjects.

Featured photographers this week include: Davide Verri, Dennis Barcelo, Irene Alison, Cindy Poon, Paulo Buncuga, Tatyana Goldat, @fotopawelolsztyn, Robin Robertis, Jessica Fielden and Ricky Bender.

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A Dog

A Dog‘ by Davide Verri – “I was passing by when for some reason I saw this dog starring at me with a jacket on. His face drove me completely crazy in the way he was looking to me. He looks like an old man looking into the future while thinking about his past. What it was and what it is. Brilliant! Edited with Snapseed and VSCOcam.”


Beetle‘ by Dennis Barcelo – “I took this when I saw a beetle crawling on a stem of a plant outside my home here in Manila. I immediately took my cheap macro camera lens and attached it to my Samsung phone. I had a hard time taking this photo because I didn’t use any tripod or stabilizers. Only my patience has helped made me accomplish this.

I love taking small animals when their is a chance. We think of them as normal living thing but if we could have a chance to see their small living world then we can appreciate them more. I edited this using Snapseed. I only took this in a 1:1 aspect ratio.”

Amori Miei

Amori Miei‘ by Irene Alison – “I took this photo with an iPhone 7, then I edited it with a combination of Snapseed and VSCO.

The picture was taken in Rome, where we live. Just like every time he comes back home from work, my husband Marcello (@kaspar65) was having a long cuddle session with our beloved dog Zazie (@zazie_danslemetro), a mixed Jack Russel we rescued almost two years ago from a shelter near Napoli, Italy. She really changed our life and she made us a family… or better: a pack. She’s the sweetest, smartest, cutest dog on earth (ok, I know…dog’s mamas always say that!) and I literally bombard her with pictures!!!”


Untitled‘ by Cindy Poon – “I happened to walk to the market on Sunday and felt very moody. Then I saw this cat lying down, with this expression and mood the same as mine, so decided to take a picture of the cat. Initially, I wanted to process in color, so I did and left it hanging. But later it didn’t give me the feeling of moodiness that I wanted, so in the end, I used black and white, to show more expression.”

Merry fellows waiting on tourists

Merry fellows waiting on tourists‘ by Paulo Buncuga – “I took this image in a narrow streets of small village of Jelsa, situated on a central part of island of Hvar (in Croatia). Jelsa is full of family restaurants and their offer of food is unbelievable. Fresh fish every day, coming and going all the time. It was a little bit sad to me, knowing how these beautiful animals will be gone in a few hours, so I took this picture as a memento for some next generations of island people, who won’t have that luxury to have plenty of sea food, on every step, as we have now.

The photo was taken with my new Samsung galaxy s8, who can shoot jpeg+raw, and that is the main reason why I bought it. It gives me nice pics with seriously editable files in PS if I need it. The picture was opened in Instagram, than I applied “Ludwig” filter, because it gives a small punch to the colors, than just a small touch of: contrast, light/shadows and on the end I sharpen picture. I don’t like apps who are changing the view of reality so I keep editing of picture for Instagram on minimal.”


Untitled‘ by Tatyana Goldat – “I saw these little ducklings at the farm market. They were so cute, looked like small golden balls, even a bit unreal. I took this image with my iPhone 6s Plus, and didn’t apply any post processing. “


Untitled‘ by @fotopawelolsztyn


Untitled‘ by Robin Robertis


Ducklings‘ by Jessica Fielden

Sometimes your neighbors have longhorns

Sometimes your neighbors have longhorns‘ by Ricky Bender

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