The subject of this week’s showcase of mobile photography highlights 10 abstract mobile art images that were all taken and edited using a smartphone. This weeks series highlights the creative potential that lays within the mobile community as all pieces this week would be perfectly places on the walls of an art gallery. They are testament to what can be achieved when you combine technology with creative vision.

Featured photographers this week include: @brooklyndragonfli, Edward Santos, Sue Eberhart, idieuwke, Isabel Afonso, Juta Jazz, Ted Silveira, Barbara Nebel, Clint Cline and @iphonephotopurest.

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If your gonna hold me, hold me like I’m leaving

If your gonna hold me, hold me like I’m leaving‘ by @brooklyndragonfli – “I used PS Express, union app and icolorama and mextures on an iPhone 6. Painted beauty…. Tears may flow from my eyes, tears of pain, tears of joy, running in all directions, leaving traces of emotion down my face, thinking of the hard work the humming bird must do to get its sweet reward… reminds me that notice worth fighting for is easy…..”

Summertime Stroll

Summertime Stroll‘ by Edward Santos – “Summertime Stroll is inspired by my love for the beach and ocean. It helps me escape from reality.

Having served in Afghanistan as a SGT in the U.S Army I always told myself that if I survived a place with little water that when I returned home I would live near a place with a lot of water.

The photo was shot and edited on an iPhone 7 plus using Snapseed, PS Express, Distressed FX, Filterstorm and CleverPainter.”

Tartan Blur

Tartan Blur‘ by Sue Eberhart – “I recently visited Edinburgh, Scotland and used my iPhone exclusively while there. I learned the technique of “swiping”, first from Karen Messick, an iPhone teacher and then Denise Ippolito, a pro photographer. I have used the Slow Shutter Speed app to “swipe” gardens, beaches, tree stands and so on. I also use the technique with my DSLR.

The show of tartan plaid scarves and garments for sale up and down the Royal Mile presented lots of swiping ops. I swiped the scarves in front of a store, edited first in Snapseed, the used the Tiny Planets app and back to Snapseed for final editing. I was pleased with the result, thought it was an abstract and different way to look at an object designed so orderly and so well loved.”

365/183 tree line

365/183 Tree Line‘ by idieuwke – “The back story to this image is really super simple: When I saw the line of trees I really liked the symmetry and took the shot, the simplicity of the image was great for adding overlays and textures.”


Untitled‘ by Isabel Afonso – “The original image was a selfie. I used Trigraphy app for the texture effects. Then I mirrored the image with Icolorama app. After that I blended the same image, deleting some parts and used Sky lab for the sun eclipse. Finally, I used Grunge HD app for the textures and colors”


asséché” by Juta Jazz – “One of my friends on Facebook posted beautiful poem of Charles Bukowski. I felt deep connection with the words was written, and my imagination start drawing the picture.

My dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.
For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover.
~ Falsely yours
Charles Bukowski

The image started with two pictures photographed with an iPad and iPhone, after they were processed with Procreate, MonoVu, PS touch, and Stackables.”

Neary Lagoon

Neary Lagoon‘ by Ted Silveira – “Neary Lagoon is one of my favorite places to walk in Santa Cruz. I was standing on the floating boardwalk, taking photos of the reeds and their reflections in the water, when these large fish appeared on the surface and started nosing about in the reeds. Snap, snap. The original color image was dominated by the murky brown water, but it came alive after I converted it to black and white in ACDSee Pro. I adjusted the lighting a bit in ACDSee Pro and cropped it in Snapseed. Shot on iPhone 7, edited on iPad.”


Untitled‘ by Barbara Nebel

Of a kingdom

Of a kingdom‘ by Clint Cline


Playtime‘ by @iphonephotopurest

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