Welcome to the first Mobiography Flickr Group showcase of 2014. I’ve been a little delayed in kicking things off for 2014 as I have been taking a break and having a bit of a rest. Even so, I’ve been busy planning, reviewing and doing some housekeeping ready for the coming year ahead.

This year, I have renamed the showcase ‘A Moment in Time’ with edition 1 featuring the photographic talents of Vanessa Vox, Shel Serkin, Micha? Koralewski, mimo khair and Heline Lam.

Three winter trees

Photo by Vanessa Vox

Three winter trees‘ by Vanessa Vox – “A high plateau in Switzerland on January. I took a walk along the cherry trees just before they were pruning. My eyes were caught by a fantastic web of branches in the clear and bright late afternoon sun. The two trees in the foreground built a natural arch above the tree in the far. The illuminated frozen structures and the dark silver sky impressed me very much. I wanted to capture and enhance the magic of this winter day.

Firstly I reduced the color with Photo Toaster and increased the sharpness to come closer to the essence of this very moment. The second step was to edit some versions with Moku Hanga, Portrait, Simply HDR and Photocopier to shape and differentiate the textures and structures, and also for a better light contrast. Then I mixed the versions in Blender with a carefully applied layering. This pic took me on a fairly long walk to achieve result I intended. But it was a satisfying process.”

Four Titans

Photo by Shel Serkin

Four Titans‘ by Shel Serkin – “I came upon this scene heading home from Coney Island on New Year’s Day. I’m not sure what the guy’s doing, but he was there for much longer than I anticipated – long enough for me to get a number of shots. I was drawn to the symmetry of the phones, with the figure disrupting the pattern, along with the comparative oddness of his body placement. Shot with oggl, using the Lowy lens and US1776 film, a setting I’ve really warmed up to. ”

Rainy day

Photo by Micha? Koralewski

Rainy day‘ by Micha? Koralewski – “It was a rainy day in Pozna?, the city I work in. I was crossing the Old Market Square when I noticed an old woman with an umbrella. She stopped under the arcade for a moment – just to rest a bit. This was the moment I took the photo. I edited this photo with Snapseed, Mattebox and Mextures.”

behind the fog~ Shanghai

Photo by mimo khair

behind the fog~ Shanghai‘ by Mimo Khair – “During my last 8 years of life in Shanghai, I often wander through the old city alleys where the past hangs on and is lived by the residents of the old narrow streets. I stopped earlier this week by a steamy window of an old restaurant and watched the scene indoors while I took photos. It felt like those old silent black and white films, where lips move and eyes shift without any sound to give away the plot. This image connected me to the quickly fading old Shanghai. Taken with iphone 5, edited with Noir.”

Vision (Hamburg, Germany)

Photo by Heline Lam

Vision (Hamburg, Germany)‘ by Heline Lam – “This photo is part of my “Onward” series, portraying my personal philosophy and view of the world, a sense of moving forward and embracing the adventures and challenges in life ahead of us. This photo, “Vision,” was taken during my travels in Hamburg, Germany, at Alter Elbtunnel (which was opened in 1911). I wanted to depict a sense of time, of moving through history, hope and vision into the future. I took this photo on iPhone 5 and edited it in Snapseed and CameraBag.”

Which was your favourite?

Do you have a favourite from this weeks selection? Let us know your thoughts on the featured photos in the comments below.

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