Nova, the first Bluetooth off-camera flash for iPhone, today announced the launch of Multiple Nova Support – a new, inventive way to create mobile lighting studios on-the-go. Using the new Nova Camera 1.2 app, individuals can connect and control up to ten Nova Bluetooth Flash devices from one iPhone.


“We wanted to put iPhone owners in the driver’s seat so they can create and capture their vision anytime and anywhere by using more than one lighting source,” said Jaimie Walnes, Founder of Nova. “iPhone owners can now create outdoor lighting studios whether they’re at the top of a skyscraper or out on the street. It will be very exciting to see the creativity that will emerge from using this new capability.”

Nova is the first wireless, Bluetooth flash for iPhone. It is a portable, sleek iPhone accessory that fits in a wallet and can go everywhere your iPhone does. Unlike other iPhone flash accessories, Nova has a Bluetooth connection to avoid dealing with clunky connecting cables and packs 10-times the number of LEDs as alternative options to give users greater control over their photos. As Nova is wireless, it provides the right light for any situation in the right place. Since it’s launch in 2014 and subsequent availability in high street and online Apple Stores, iPhone owners have been asking for Multiple Nova Support.

Similar to how a professional indoor studio uses multiple sources of light in different positions and at different angles, using multiple Novas enables iPhone photographers to control shadow and experiment with directional lighting effects. What’s new is that because Nova uses Bluetooth and is the size of a credit card, these studios using multiple Novas can be created wherever and whenever they are needed, facilitating a new wave of iPhone photography.

To test the mobile studio, four Novas were taken into Chicago one night. Being able to use both key and fill lighting on the fly produced some beautiful pictures. The most expressive shot was captured by placing two Novas above Ryan Chun and another on the ground, as he sat on the street, because it created the right vibe. But in one evening it was only possible to scratch the surface of the potential of Multiple Novas.

To accompany the launch of Multiple Nova Support, the ‘Mint Nova Studio 4 Pack’ is available at for $177.