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Mobile Photography Showcase: 10 Beautiful Autumnal iPhone Photos

With autumn firmly upon us (at least in the northern hemisphere) the theme of this weeks Mobiography showcase just had to be autumn. This time of year offers many photo opportunities as the landscape around us changes in colour and becomes bare as the trees shed their...

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Mobile Photography Showcase: 10 Beautiful Examples of iPhone Art

The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group looks at iPhone art. When you combine the creativity of a forward thinking artist with the multitude of creative apps that are now available you have the opportunity to create...

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10 Beautiful Examples of Flower Photography with an iPhone

As the summertime starts to come to a close in the northern hemisphere this week’s showcase of mobile photography takes a look at 10 beautiful flower photography photos. From Firery Broome’s colourful macro photo to Claude Panneton’s field of sunflowers and Em...

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Mobiography Instagram Takeover: Brendan Ó Sé

Today I am excited to announce the first in what will be a regular feature, the Mobiography Instagram Takeover. Each month the keys to the Mobiography Instagram account will be handed over for the weekend to a trusted and extremely talented mobile photographer. The...

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9 Beautiful Examples of Landscape Photography

This week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase looks at a selection of 9 beautiful examples of landscape photography taken with a mobile phone. From Kamil Qkox beautifully misty forest scene to Mariko Klug’s colourful Sea of Grass, all photos featured in this week’s...

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