Out Now: Mobiography Magazine – Featuring Eliza Badiou & Ushi Grant


The latest issue of the Mobiography Magazine has just been release onto the Apple App Store and Google Play. As usual you will find it packed full of the usual interviews, top tips, tutorials, features and showcases of the very best in smartphone photography.

What’s inside issue 28?

mobiogrpahy magazine issue 28For this festive issue we talk to two very talented photographers, Eliza Badoiu and Ushi Grant.

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Eliza is an iPhone artist from Romania, whose unique style of dark, gritty, self-portrait inspired mobile art has seen her win several awards. Meanwhile, Ushi Grant aka @sombra_y_luz on Instagram, talks to us about her work and life as the Australian editor-at-large for Shooter Magazine, as well as what influences her photography.

As we’re fast approaching the Christmas season, we take our usual look at some gift ideas. This year, we highlight six inspiring books about mobile photography that are worthy reads.

Meanwhile, Rob Dunsford reviews the ExoLens Zeiss wide-angle lens and takes it for a test drive. On an Android front, we take a look at the Google Pixel phone and ask whether Google’s claims that it’s the best smartphone camera ever made are true.

As we approach the end of 2016 and start looking toward 2017, Kate Wesson looks at eight reasons why undertaking a 365 shoot-a-photo-a-day project will improve your photography.

In our beginner’s guide section, Kate Hailey takes a closer look at the Hipstamatic 300 app. Mark Myerson looks at photographing nature and the flora and fauna that surrounds us. He talks to nature experts, Rachel Zoller-Box and Sharon Stiteler, for their top tips on the subject.

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