24 Mobile Photographers til Christmas: Vivi (Veevs) Hanson


The past 12 months have been a fantastic journey. Along the way I have had the privilege of meeting many talented mobile photographers and have been inspired by so many more.

As we approach the festive season I thought it would be interesting to invite 24 mobile photographers who have inspired and supported me in one way or another and ask them to offer an insight into their photography, to reflect on their year gone by or plans for the coming year ahead.

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Each day until Christmas Eve we will be featuring one photographer in a sort of online advent calendar so to speak.

Today’s featured photographer is Vivi (Veevs) Hanson.

Vivi Hanson or Veevs as many know her is originally from Lima in Peru but now lives in West London. She is a prominent member of the mobile photography community who has had her work featured on many leading mobile photography websites and exhibitions. Vivi’s photography captures street scenes and views of London which are edited to create fantastic artistic and painterly styled images.

The Photo I Am Most Proud of is…

Veevs-Walking past Street Art

I am very proud of this photo because I picked a location and waited for the right person to come along and got the shot! Being new at street photography I had not had the chance to do this before! All my previous street photography shots have been taken in a rush! For this photo I had gone on a Street Art London walk which had 20+ people, so very difficult to get any good photos. But for this image I separated myself from the group when they were looking at something else and I wandered off to look at this beautiful work of street art. I was very lucky to spot this really cool guy approaching, walking his bike and on the phone and kept my fingers crossed that he would walk in front of me and the street art and that no one else would ruin the shot. So pleased that he did and I had such a good shot of both him and the image! So chuffed with my resulting image and the process to take it! Shot this in Oggl and no other editing.

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  • Hi Vivi, beautiful image. I so relate to what you say. Any number of times I’ve found the location I like and then waited for something to happen. I think if you move away from the group or look at things from a different perspective you get a better shot. Certainly unique at least. Beautiful work and have a great Christmas. Skip.

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Hiya Skip, thank you so much for your kind words which I totally agree and relate with! So many street shots are very quickly taken to not miss the moment, so for this occasion I was so glad to have observed the area and opportunity and waited for the right time to take the shot ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a great Xmas too and if you are ever in London give me a shout ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Jana Holden

    Great shot Veevs! Your street art is really quite wonderful!

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Thank you my lovely friend ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  • Sacha Dohmen (maktub street-dog)

    A fantastic shot Vivi, great to read the story behind this!!!

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Thank you so much Sacha, your street photography is such an inspiration to me! xx

  • Rob Pearson-Wright

    Lovely shot Vivi! Glad the patience paid off and that no one walked into the frame.

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Thanks Rob, yes I was holding my breath and hoping desperately the huge group wouldn’t ruin my shot!! xx

  • Beautiful Vivi!!!
    So great to learn the back story too!!
    It all came together so well!

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Aww Cecily thank you my lovely friend!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  • Well done Veevs! Your patience paid off! Congrats on the feature my friend.

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Thank you so much my wonderful friend! So glad we are sharing this wonderful feature!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  • The result is wonderful. Patience combined with vision is so important in street work.

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Thanks so much Brendan, yes I totally agree and it’s something I’m trying to learn and practise ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tracey Renehan

    Congrats, Vivi! Loved reading your passion behind the photograph. It is a brilliant image to be proud of.

    • Vivi (Veevs)

      Tracey that is so kind of you, thank you so much!! xoxo

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