10 Eye Catching Smartphone Photos Taken From A Different Perspective


For this weeks showcase of mobile photography we look at 10 examples of smartphone photos that have been taken from a different perspective. Whether it is from above, looking down such as in agospavelsky’s and Eesieber’s photos. Or from below looking up as in jazzcfree’s and kacpertroc’s photos. Other photographers like Flegmaya and Andrealca have chosen to approach their images in a way that creates something surreal eye-catching.

Featured artists this week include: agospavelsky, Damianekdr, Eesieber, Flegmaya, jazzcfree, kacpertroc, vamosviendo, ugurv, Andrealca and Jian Wang.

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Untitled‘ by agospavelsky – “I’ve been looking for completely new and unique perspectives for my instagram gallery for a long while. For that reason I’ve decided to show an amazing place that may be known to only small group of people – a wonderful staircase, which can be found in one of tenements on Zwycięstwa’s Street in Gliwice. I was absolutely amazed when I saw it for the first time. I ran up the stairs to the top with huge excitement and took this photo. I had a big dilemma to leave it colorful or convert it to black and white. Eventually, I stayed with the second option because black and white makes the picture appear more  mysterious and unique. Photo edited with VSCO and Snapseed apps.”


Untitled‘ by Damianekdr – “This photo was taken pretty randomly when I was testing lens for my iPhone at my home. I wanted to take a shot of the window when my girlfriend walked by in front of camera in her zebra suit. It looked amazing so I ask her if she can just stand there so I could take a couple of pictures.
Photos were taken with the iPhone 5s and edited with Snapseed.”


Untitled‘ by Eesieber – “I love high angle views to surprise the viewer and this large crossing is one of my favorite photo spots. I was actually capturing taxis when suddenly this guy popped up. Finding a single person isn’t easy in crowded Hong Kong….. I edited in Snapseed (as I do for most of my pictures). I slightly cropped the image, converted to black and white, increased the contrast and added a slight vignette.”

Fire Exit

Fire Exit‘ by Flegmaya – “This photo is named “Fire Exit” and represents our living room window, and the decoration above. (We like to hang out well known sign’s onto unusual places). That morning I loved the peace whilst I was watching the clouds drift away, and our cats going out to enjoy the weather. That’s what gave me an idea to create a surrealistic black space, like the viewer would be closed into a box and that’s the only entrance.

I took two pictures, one with the window and one with the sky through the window. First I had to fix the distortion caused by the wide angle lenses, which I made using the Aviary application. Then, I still needed to make the sides even, and blackout around it – that was done with Pixlr – doodle option, and to make it straight I drown  a black square on the right. After this I used Pixlr – Double exposure and added the clear sky photo, fixed the edges and smoothed the gradient in between. To add some extra design, I used some of the “supernovas” stickers from Pixlr, and to add some depth, I’ve made the edges smooth, like the graphics are going underneath the window. Lastly, I added the sign using Double Exposure with Pixlr, darken the edges a little bit, and added my logo. “

Black arms

Black arms‘ by jazzcfree – “The photo was taken with a Samsung S7 in Barcelona. I love the idea of shooting from different points of view and especially with an aggressive perspective. ‘Black Arms’ is one of these.

I saw the trees emerging from the buildings in the middle of the street and this point of view helped me to use a composition marked by lines, spaces and shapes. I saw the photo in black, the color disturbed my conception of the photo”.

Recesses of Kraków

Recesses of Kraków‘ by kacpertroc – “It was a cold wednesday morning and my friend and I were on our way to find breakfast in the city centre. I noticed an open door to a block of apartments which I had never explored before. I have a tendency to try to look for interesting shapes and patterns for my photos; I couldn’t see any in front of me, but upon looking up, I saw this asymmetrical pattern and decided it would constitute the perfect frame for the photo. Luckily, a plane passed by at the same time, so in that moment, my shot was complete and we were able to go get breakfast, happily knowing that I had captured something new in a city I knew so well.

All dreams with birds are in good health – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

All dreams with birds are in good health – Gabriel Garcia Marquez‘ by vamosviendo – “In this photo I was inspired by the emblematic buildings in the city of Buenos Aires. I used a Moment Superfish lens to portray the four buildings that caught my eye. and I used the Snapseed app to highlight cloud textures and building architecture.”

Have a good sunday all…

Have a good sunday all…‘ by ugurv


Split‘ by Andrealca – “This picture reflect how people can be split throughout their lives, however this fragmented personalities is who we are. The relevance of a sane and healthy childhood will be reflected in your adulthood and in your personality. I like selfportrait because it shows who I am and who I’ve become, and on top of this, how you think other people see you, with your different faces and facets.”


Untitled‘ by Jian Wang

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