About Mobiography

Welcome, Mobiography is a website which focuses in on the rapidly evolving movement of mobile photography. The aim of the Mobiography project is to showcase, teach and hopefully inspire others in the development of their mobile photography.

Andy ButlerMy name is Andy Butler, I’m a web developer, mobile photographer, a father of two, a husband of one and professional day dream believer. I live in Preston, a city in the north of England and I’m the guy behind the Mobiography project which consists of this website and a supporting digital magazine.

In May 2012 I discovered the world of mobile photography. I was sat in my back garden playing with my phone and enjoying the sun. I had heard of an app called Instagram and had previously searched for it but being an android user it was not available to me. This time it was and I was hooked.

From that day on I was out taking pictures and sharing them with the world. As I got more into this new field of photography I started to discover a whole new sub culture that existed.

I have always had an interest in photography but found the practicalities of carrying a large DSLR awkward. Mobile photography was like a breath of fresh air and so my interest in photography was renewed.

I love the freedom it gives. I can shoot where and when I want, I can edit and share on the go. Not to mention the friendships at are forming with other like-minded people.

As my journey deepened I found I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience more, I wanted to connect with others, find out about their journey and the stories behind the photos they took. I started to document my journey through the Mobiography.net website and that is how this site was born.

In April 2013 I took things a stage further and started publishing the Mobiography digital magazine on the Apple Newsstand. The magazine is available on the ipad and iPhone and the platform enables me to showcase the work of other mobile photographers, share tips, tutorials and advice to an even wider audience.

The magazine can be downloaded from the Apple Newsstand. Once installed it acts like a virtual magazine rack for the magazine issues along with subscriber only special issues. Check it out.

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How to keep up to date

You can keep up to date with the latest Mobiography articles, mobile photography news and inspirational ideas by joining the mailing list to get updates direct to your inbox.

Alternatively follow me on Twitter, Facebook, google+, Instagram, Eyeem, Oggl or Flickr.

How to get involved yourself

I would like to develop the Mobiography project as much as I can and would like to feature the work and views of the many talented mobile photographers at are out there today. If you would like to be featured, have a story to tell or would like to contribute an article I would urge you to get in touch and pitch your ideas.

I would also like to invite you to join the Mobiography Flickr Group. Each week I showcase a selection of the best, the most inspiring and innovative images in the weekly group showcase.

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